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Dialogue Rejoined in Boston, MA

Our young group of religious missionaries from the two provinces of St Charles Borromeo and John the Baptist of the United Statesheld their annual meeting 6-10 November 2000 at St John Pastoral Institute in Brighton, Massachusetts. This year’s theme focused on the challenges and future perspectives in the Brazilian apostolate in the Archdiocese of Boston.

Jerusalem for Muslims

Jerusalem is in fact, the third of the holiest city for Muslims. This is of course, next to Mecca and Medina. Muslims call this holy city “al-Quds.” In Arabic, it means holy.

Jesus, the Good Shepherd

Jesus, the Good Shepherd It sounds like a nightmare with a litany of sadness as we come to think about episodes of tragedy that make us reflect on young people on Staten Island who lost their lives. Their pictures were published in the paper recently. Let’s take, for instance, a teen Jessica Tush who was killed and buried in the New Jersey woods.

Jerusalem for Jews

For many centuries, Jews have inhabited in the city of Jerusalem with notable piety. Even in medieval times, the elderly Jews tend to travel to the city to die and to be buried in its earth. Even though it is not really clear whether these Jews are still practicing Judaism or are already converted to Christianity, there is an absolute certainty that the observance of such beliefs makes Jerusalem a very significant place for Jewish practices.

History of Jerusalem: The Rise of Christianity

For thousands of years, Jerusalem has been the seat of many controversies. Its rich history speaks them all and its vast culture today reflects the very beliefs and traditions of its people even before the birth of Christ. It is a holy sanctuary to many religions. This includes Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

Jerusalem for Christians

According to the New Testament, the final days of Jesus took place in Jerusalem, including his passion, ministry, death and burial. Many people witnessed the risen Christ in the city. The book of Acts as well recounts this with a Spirit descended on the followers of Jesus when they gathered in a synagogue in Jerusalem. Also, the earliest movement for Jesus was centered in this Holy City.

The Seven Church Types You Find in Revelation

Seven church types found in Revelation are patterns by which all churches throughout history can use. You can find the good and bad things mentioned in these churches in local congregations even today.

Fulfillment Is Why I Follow Jesus

There are lots of reasons why I should follow Jesus. It has nothing to do with going to heaven or avoiding hell when I die. None of the reasons involves calling yourself a Christian or belonging to any Christian Church in Kansas City. I choose, on my life journey, to follow Jesus because there is a tangible promise of abundance here and now. Jesus seems to have believed that promise and the invitation to follow Jesus, and finding faith, involves our believing it, too.

Most Popular Hindu Pilgrimages In India

The uniqueness of Hinduism and Hindu practices has its root in the ethno-cultural diversity of the people of India and a myriad of customs practiced by them for centuries. Reverence for Sun, Rain and Fire Gods as preached by “Vedism” is the consequence of communication between people from diversified cultures. Idolizing natural objects had been the basis of the Hinduism doctrine that has undergone a change in form of extremely strict rituals.

How to Select the Right Speakers for Your Church

At places of worship, it is often difficult to hear the preacher talking. Sometimes they are unfortunate and there was not enough funding for speakers and a microphone, or maybe the wrong speakers for the size of the room are hooked up. Regardless of the situation, many are familiar with the phrase “What did he/she say?

What Is A Disinformation Agent?

So, what are disinformation agents and how do we identify them? How many of them are there? The simple answer to this is that the mainstream media (The MSM) is stuffed full of them, from the Jesuit controlled BBC upwards, for The BBC (The British Buggery Corporation) is the most evil and satanically infiltrated broadcaster on the face of this earth – it is The Devil’s own. However, disso broadcasting is not the exclusive domain or perogative of the mainstream media alone, for there are many who are more devious than they who, in turn, only pretend to be newscasters of The Truth with integrity and honesty.

Hinduism And Islam

The Vedas constitute a body of intuitively gained accumulated knowledge bearing neither date nor any author’s name. Individuals who had contributed to this vast fund of knowledge were all rishis who had renounced the world. Intuition does not work unless one has raised oneself to higher levels of consciousness.

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