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Clarifying the Spirit’s Power – In Cessationism

These are days of huge opportunity. Vast harvest fields for the gospel lie before us. At the same time, there is growing hostility to a gospel message that calls on people to repent of their sins. So, will we ever see the power of God convince people that Jesus is the only answer? Is not this the gospel which is the power of God unto salvation? So what, if any, of the Spirit’s supernaturalism has ceased? – It’s a live issue.

The Decline Of A Worshipper

Worship calls not for an outward show or lip service but an inbuilt desire and passion which you express to Him in so many ways. Worship allows us to know God and connect with his presence in a deeper way. In the process of us worshipping God that he in turns adorns our lives with his glory and align us to his will and blessing.

Crucifixion and Antisemitism

The main line given by anti-semites within Christianity is that the Jews crucified Jesus. Whether or not the Jews crucified Jesus in 33 AD, none of the Jews now living were alive at the time. Which means that they should not be getting blamed for it.

Laos Country Profile: Christian Persecution

Laos is rated as a Tier 2 country. Christians suffer under a communist regime and religious militancy.

Christian Persecution: Sudan Country Profile

Sudan has a history of persecution. Recently, the media has covered the case of Meriam Ibrahim, and thankfully she was released, saving her 100 lashes and death by hanging. However, she isn’t the only one.

North Korea: Christian Persecution Profile

North Korea is rated as one of the best at persecuting Christians. It has even detained and imprisoned American citizens because they are Christian. Here is a profile of this country in regards to its persecution.

The Return Of The Self Wounded

There are many Christians who have walked away from situations that conflicted with their weaker moments. When conflicts interweave with a a spiritually idle mind, there will be human responses that generate exaggerated responses.

Wonderful Issa’, Beyond Compare

When we look at the vast numbers of humans, past and present, is there any way of deciding who is exceptional, who is special, even unique? There are likely to be a number of ways of forming such an opinion. Many love the world of entertainment and sport and become attached to their own celebrity and ‘star’. But perhaps this trivialises the issue; so is there such a thing as true greatness, and however would we begin to settle on its qualities?

The Unstoppable Stalker

What’s going on here? First, Robin Williams dies, next, Lauren Bacall, and finally, Jessica Plyes. As my friend, Bill Itzel, said yesterday, “I’m starting to believe that sooner or later all of us will die… “

Personal Attributes of Almighty Allah

Some of Allah’s attributes are those which only He possesses. No living being but Allah Himself possesses those attributes. These are called the “Personal Attributes” of Allah. They are: Wujud (existence), Qidam (no beginning of His existence), Baqa (no end of His existence), Wahdaniyah (oneness), Qiyam bi-nafsihi (being able to survive Himself without the need of another being), Muhalafatun lil-hawadith (no similarity to beings He created).

“The Women of Mormondom:” A Tell-All About the Adam-God Doctrine Venerated by the Mormon Church

The Mormon Church is a distinctively curious religion that has kept itself in existence for the past 184 years by systematically, and pragmatically, revising and, when necessary, eviscerating its doctrines; to then purport to the world that the original doctrines never existed. The Mormons call this outlandish practice continuing revelation, but most reasonable people who have meticulously researched Mormon doctrinal and cultural history call this practice intentional fraud and outright material misrepresentation. Strangely, the Mormon hierarchy currently publishes doctrinal study material that purports, and causes its membership to believe, that Joseph Smith taught a theology that the Mormon father-god is an ordinary mortal man who became a god, with a capital G, by obediently working his way to death, resurrection, and Mormon exaltation, where later he became a god; and that all worthy Mormon men have the opportunity to become gods, with a capital G, equal to or greater than their own exalted-man father-gods. Yet, the Mormons teach that Brigham Young did not later develop Smith’s theology into the Adam-God Doctrine, and place the theology as sacred scripture into the Mormon temple. But the book, The Women of Mormondom” approved by Brigham Young, tells a totally different and truthful story.

Wrapped Up Securely

The attributes of God to guarantee his children the blessings He can only give should make each of us want to live in such a way that He is pleased with our every move. He showers us with His goodness, His love, mercy, guidance, all-sufficient grace, faithfulness, and His forgiveness to name a few, and He allows each of us to experience another day, and another opportunity to get things right with ourselves and others when we have been wrong and have wronged others.

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