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Evangelical Christianity in a World War II Era


Evangelical Christianity in a World War II Era

Evangelical Christianity has been in an epic battle with demonic powers. The world is still waiting for the reality of Jesus as He is. The Church is the continuation of Jesus’ ministry in the world.

The new dominionist/reconstructionist leaders have developed a number of loose associations within Christian activism. One of these is Right Wing Watch. This site is a paranoid religious right site. It features Islamophobic and homophobic religious right figures.

There is also a globalized charismatic Christianity. The Church Growth movement encouraged missionaries to acquire deep cultural knowledge of “unreached people’s groups” that would help them better “sow the Word” into those regions.

The charismatic third wave developed from a core group of evangelicals that crossed denominational boundaries. This group included Charles Kraft, Ted Haggard, and George Otis.

The core group embraced a different view of Christianity from the mainstream American evangelicals. It argued that Western Christians had been misled by scientific naturalism and had failed to see the spiritual realm. It argued that a radical “cosmological” shift was necessary to engage the spiritual Real.

The charismatic third wave crossed the divide between Pentecostalism and mainstream evangelicalism. It emphasized the importance of charismatic faith. This is a committed, performative position. It produces a “new creature” that demonstrates the power of Christ.

“Global spiritual warfare” is a polemical instance of Christian supersessionism. It features violent language and apocalyptic visions. It is based on the idea that Christian prayer will determine the outcome of an end-times cosmological battle between God and Satan.

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