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Christianity Is Not All About Miracles


Christianity Is Not All About Miracles

Christianity is the belief that Jesus Christ has come to save the world, both body and soul. In the gospels, Christ tells us that His mission is to save souls and to raise the dead. He came to free people from sin and to heal the sick. As a result, the gospels contain numerous reports of physical healing and exorcisms, but Christianity is not all about miracles.

Today, we know that the vast majority of humanity, including most professing Christians, have been blinded by Satan. Many people in the church no longer read the Bible, or look to it as their authority, but instead follow traditions and teachings of men. Most tent meetings are full of mass hysteria and lack true healing.

Christians believe in the power of prayer. The Bible says that we should pray to God and to be patient. If we are not happy with our lives, we should pray for the Lord to change us. It is not easy to change our lives, and it is important to keep our minds open to God’s will.

While it is true that God no longer gets angry with us because of Jesus’ atoning sacrifice, we still have to do our part. God will judge us all on the day of judgment and in that day, we will have to account to God for everything we’ve done throughout our lives.

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