Jesus, God and the New Future That Follows

Just how big is the idea of Jesus? Just how important was what He had to say? I mean this was a message to be conveyed to the people on earth from Source. Ideas having the potential to override any of mans interpreted writings prior to that time, perhaps 3000 to 5000 years. Jesus delivered a most important message that is only recently been finding it’s way to the forefront of man’s intellect. The possibilities are staggering.

The Straight and Narrow Way is Everlasting

Embodied in the straight and narrow way that Christ our Savior prescribed for us is Christ’s new covenant, which is a better and everlasting covenant that is based on better promises than was the old covenant. This is more far-reaching for us than was the old and it constitutes God’s living way that he set in place to help us to find our eternal destination in his heavenly Kingdom where we hope to spend eternity with him.

Separation of Church and State is the Church’s Job

Churches often object to government interference in the freedom to practice religion. Courts, for example, will prohibit the display of a Christmas creche on a village green…or prohibit prayer a commencement exercises…and so forth. However, this is most often legal and constitutional and is done at the invitation of and with the consent of churches. Contracting with government invites constitutionally lawful government regulation of religion.

That Which is Not

At a time when 700 people are applying for one janitorial position; or where over a thousand people show up to apply for 35 fire fighter positions…to say that times are tough or that we are in a recession (a global recession), will be an understatement. So, we can lose it all in a moment.

Spreading the Good Word of God Gently

The other day I was walking through the park when I saw a man, an extremely large man reading the Bible. I was minding my own business like I normally do in full observation mode, just simply enjoying life. When what I thought was a tree reading the Bible, moved and scared the crap out of me. This man was about 6’9″ and look like he played professional football but when he spoke it was nonthreatening and very gentle.

Did Jesus Pray to God – Christianity

If Jesus wasn’t God, it would make sense to see him praying or even read about him praying in the Bible. It wouldn’t however make a lot of sense for him to pray to himself. Maybe he was trying to create an illusion for his followers and was just going through the motions or pretending like he was praying so that they wouldn’t feel out of place. I don’t really know and am only guessing why there are so many pictures of him praying in churches all over the world.

The Straight and Narrow Way Brings Us Into Christ’s Better Hope

This article brings to the forefront the church’s serious problem in which it approaches the things of God in a more negative way than the positive one that the straight and narrow way and the new covenant bring to light for us. It brings into greater focus the good things and the better hope that Christ made available to us in his new material of the new covenant. It highlights the dangers inherent in failing to address this superior material that the new covenant has made available to the church.

Pride Can Often Create Problems in Religion

Pride can often create problems in religion and only later when you see the truth can you really understand how stubborn you were. The problem with these people, is that once they find the truth, it’s another lie and they seem to push these beliefs on to others. Often these people can be very aggressive and it almost seems like they need to make up for lost time, since they were wrong about their last religion.

The God of War Or Peace – Bible Problems

The Lord is a warrior does not mean that he fights or kills, does it. According to the Old Testament, God killed plenty of people and even took out an entire city one time, flooded the earth to get rid of the evil and of course who could forget, that once we get into the New Testament, God killed his only begotten son Jesus. I don’t know if I would really want this guy as my father.

Can You Tell the Difference Between Evil Profits and Good Profits?

I often write articles and have written quite a few of them about religion and Christianity. Seems to be the one that I know the most about, so it gets the most attention from me. If I was to make a statement like the Bible has contradictions in it, would you consider me an evil profit. Someone working for the Devil. I don’t think so, because it doesn’t make sense, how could you turn a truth full statement into evil prophesies.

Does God Exist and If So Who’s Right? Religion

Would you stake your life on your beliefs? I’m asking this question, hoping that you have an answer. Would you be gambling with your life or are you that sure about your religion. Do you live your life without a doubt that your religion is right and other religions are wrong or are you one of those people that hopes you are right and hopes that the other religions aren’t.

Following Old Religious Text – Religion

Most religions are living in the dark ages. From what I gather, Hinduism is over 4000 years old, Judaism is around 2500 years old, Christianity is 2000 years old and Islam is about 1400 years old. People are following information today that isn’t necessarily applicable to modern times but often religious leaders can twist it around, add some verbiage, make a semi-educated judgment and now we have something we can follow. It just doesn’t make sense.

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