THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE OF GOD | Evangelist Joseph Sermon

Moral Evil and the Existence of God, Part 1 – Rational Inquiry

Could there have been a greater moral evil than the Holocaust? Consider the nearly successful attempt to systematically enslave and incinerate an entire race as a matter of public policy. And what shall we say about moral evil as a matter of private policy? I recall a story about an eighteen year old girl on a picnic with her family on a beach in Sri Lanka when the holiday tsunami of 2004 hit.

Megachurches and Drug and Alcohol Addiction

As churches get large enough to be called a megachurch the possibility of sitting in a congregation with a big smile that hides the horror of addiction becomes more likely. Read the concerns of an independent consultant in the drug and alcohol treatment industry and suggestions for recognizing and confronting the problem.

God’s Love and Love in a Marriage

Jesus led a simple life of love. His life is a model for living in faith and love – in particular, love in a marriage.

Temptation and Sin

In our effort to turn from sin and attempt to live as Christ would have us to, it is easy to become frustrated at ourselves for failing. We can tell ourselves that Christ died for us and we are released from the power of sin.

Don’t Stop Until You Get it Done

Worrying, Fretting, and Nervous Breakdowns won’t solve anything! But the following information sure helped me!

Proving Intelligent Design Automatically Proves the Creators

Many proofs of the Intelligent Design of Creation have been proffered over the years. Nearly all are jiggery pokery adventures in mathematics which prove nothing more than the mathematician’s skill in shoving around mathematical symbols. The truth is that the Intelligent Design by which all of Creation has been expressed is known and it is child simple.

Do Christians Celebrate Yom Kippur?

Once a year, the Jewish people celebrate a “Day of Atonement,” known as Yom Kippur. But do Christians also recognize the significance of this ritual?

28 Things You Should Know

These are things you should really know; maybe you know them already, maybe you don’t. The bottom line is if you already know them before, what have you made out of them? And if you don’t, just give it a second thought and apply the ones you think you are comfortable with. I wish you best of luck as you stay inspired.

What Day is the Sabbath? Is it Sunday Or Saturday?

The Sabbath Day debate has been raging for a long time now, and it will continue to until Jesus returns. But why is there such a debate over this issue? Doesn’t the Bible reveal the true Sabbath day?

Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors Was Prophetic

So many prophecies are interrelated. We see this in the revelations of Native Americans as well as biblical.

Prayer – Questions and Answers About Prayer

Some basic questions about prayer answered. Some people think they know how to pray while others think they don’t know how to pray; yet everyone prays — always. You don’t have to be religious to pray; and you don’t even have to know what you’re doing — though it helps…

Am I My Brain? A Heady Topic – Part 1 – Erasing the Soul

I recall as a boy (not long after dinosaurs roamed the earth), watching a movie on our thirteen inch black and white TV called “Donovan’s Brain.” The movie had been made in 1953, and was a sci-fi horror flick about a scientist who keeps the brain of an evil dead tycoon (Donovan) flourishing in a vat of formaldehyde. Donovan employs his muscular will to manipulate his hapless keeper to murder those who were his adversaries during his lifetime.

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