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Bible Study

How is the bible to be studied? How is the bible to be interpreted? Why do so many misinterpret the word of God? Check out this article.

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

Why does the bible tell us not to judge? If we judge, are we sinning? If we judge, are we lost? Check out this spiritual article on Christians that judge others based on works of the flesh.

Christians Love to Be Drunk

Many today do not understand the bible. Many Christians do not understand why the bible tells us not to be drunk. The bible is a spiritual book with hidden meanings. Many Christians today love drunkeness and do not realize it. So what is drunkeness?

Bible Covers – Protecting the Word of God

If you are committed to your faith, then sure enough, the Bible would be the most precious book that you will ever own. Hence, it is only natural for you to take care of it and make sure it is protected from wear and tear by using Bible covers. Most Christians need to use their Bibles every day, highlighting important verses, writing on the pages, and carrying it around with them wherever they might need to go.

Getting to Know the Holy Communion and the Necessary Communion Sets

Most people do not realize how important communion sets have become in today’s world. Christian churches use these set of materials to help represent and at the same time share the love and body of Christ. Even though it is an important celebration, there are still some people that are not familiar with how and what the Holy Communion is all about. The Holy Communion or Confirmation is representative of the time when Christ had his communion fellowships with his disciples.

Communion Plate – The Significance

For Christians, the first communion is important and equally important would be the dresses, the gifts, the communion plate and other paraphernalia needed for this important moment in your child’s life. Most of the time, children go through first communion at the age of seven. It is a special time in your child’s spiritual life and should be shared with family and friends.

Communion Cups – Understanding Their Importance

For the ordinary layman hearing about communion cups, the first thing that comes to mind is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Popular culture has depicted some of the most significant religious artifacts in a very unorthodox manner, but the good thing is that it helps ordinary people to get acquainted with these religious items. In the movie, Indiana Jones was looking for Jesus’ cup.

Church Candles – Understanding Their Significance

Church candles have been a staple part of the Christian religion. They often symbolize many things about the Christian faith. For example, Catholics believe that the candle symbolizes the body of Christ. In Christian baptisms, it remains a belief that candles represent the child or person being baptized as receiving the light of the Lord.

True Christians Will Not Lie

What does the bible mean by lying? Are Christians never to tell a lie naturally? Or is the entire bible meant to be understood spiritually? True Christians will not lie.

The Martyrdom of Telemachus Still Inspires the Christian to Engage the Culture

Do you have a wall that you need to climb over? What is meant by that question? Are you familiar with the story of Telemachus the monk, whose martyrdom ended the Roman games?

Bi-Vocational Pastors – No Choice Or the Best Choice?

Most pastors work in a secular job by necessity not by choice. But maybe being bi-vocational is actually a better way. Is it OK for a pastor to make a lot of money? Can he do that and still have time for ministry?

Necessary Freedom

Paul was compelled to preach freely. So, out of necessity he preached freely. But which is it? Did Paul preach out of freedom or out of necessity? The answer, of course, is yes.

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