The War with the Principality

“The Soul That Sinneth Shall Die,” Should Not Be Taken in the Physical Sense

The carrying out of justice on the Laws of God is done by God not man. When it is said that “the soul that sinneth shall die,” the death referred to is not physical death.

Religion – Is Your Religion a Support Or Hindrance in Your Life? – Part 2!

Religion can provide many benefits and be a stabilising factor in our lives. It provides a social avenue for us to meet other people and may be the only place some of us find a sense of community, as a Christian, Muslim or Hindu. As such, it fulfils a positive purpose.

Minister Ordination

Some people like to be at the center of the action, and perhaps be the one orchestrating it all. If this sounds like you then you should investigate becoming a wedding minister.

John, The Beloved Disciple of Jesus

Although there is much that is unknown about the disciple John, he is most often referred to as the one who was closest to Jesus, or his Beloved Disciple. Learn more about John the Beloved here.

The Commonalities Between Rituals of Food Consumption

Very recently the author was privileged to have been invited to attend many different types of religious places of worship to attend the regular services, including the following: a Baptist church, a Muslim mosque, a Buddhist funeral, a Catholic mass, and a Sikh gurdwara. Of the above listed, one would expect to observe similarities among a Protestant, Islamic, and Catholic worship service as much as one would a Buddhist and Sikh service. The most interesting and unexpected commonalities were found between the Catholic and Sikh services.

Peanut Butter and Jelly, Anyone?

One thing has really stood out to me over the course of this last year, people are in need like never before in my lifetime. Today I am thinking mainly of material needs, and as my mind wanders through the people I know, everyone seems to be feeling the pinch to some degree. But what about the people who aren’t just feeling a pinch but who are in a situation they never thought they would be in, not enough groceries to feed their families.

The Rest of God

There is a wonderful story about a man lying on a raft in the water. A wealthy man from the dock yells down at him, “What are you doing? You should be working.”

Christ, Why Was He Born?

Take a look at this scenario. A lady returns home from work very late. Her car broke down on her way back and she had to have it towed to the mechanics for repairs before finally heading for home.

The Phasing in of Miracles

Are we really past the age of miracles? Who says?

Are You a Member of the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, Or God’s Party?

Aside from being Christian, a father, a husband, a son, an educator, a writer, a speaker, and an American of African descent, one of things I am most proud of being is a citizen of what I believe is the most influential country in the world. And as a Christian, I unabashedly claim that one of things that makes America great is the way in which it embraces all religions in general, but Christianity in particular. However,we as a country, are going through a “storm” right now.

Humility – A Commodity of Our Trade

Humility is a safe-guard for human error. God created us and gave us power through His Spirit. These gifts of the Holy Spirit are ever subject or open to human error. We can all make mistakes in this regard. There is always a certain risk when God allows His perfect word to be spoken through imperfect men, and that has made them feel so high that God the giver of the gifts looked so small in their eyes, because they have seen themselves higher than they could ever imagine.

Faith in God – A Commodity of Our Trade

Faith is one of the marks of a disciple of Christ. It means total dependence on God. When Adam sinned, he stepped out of God-dependence into in-dependence, which is unbelief. Faith is the way we come back into relationship with God (God-dependence). It advances one beyond one’s five senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling and touching. Faith releases you from your limited capacities. By faith you move from in-ability to His-ability. This is the walk of faith to which every Christian is called – a place where nothing is impossible.

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