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God Will Fight Your Battles

When we are in trouble God literally flies down to where we are to deliver us. We do not have to fear, for His Word states, “Say to those with fearful hearts, ‘Be strong, do not fear, your God will come, He will come with vengeance; with divine retribution He will come to save you.” Isaiah 35:4.

Why Did God Want to Kill Moses?

The following short, cryptic paragraph appears in Exodus. “It came to pass on the way to the lodging place, that the LORD met him, and sought to kill him. Then Zipporah took a flint, and cut off the foreskin of her son, and cast it at his feet, saying, ‘Surely a bridegroom of blood are you to me.’ So He let him alone. Then she said, ‘A bridegroom of blood in regard of the circumcision.'” My dream god gives the background, and explains the meaning of this paragraph.

God With Us, in Our Thoughts

What is prayer if not a continual conversation with God? That’s the thread of life: to know God in our thoughts, through constant and conscious reflection. This is a discipline of focused mindfulness, achievable for the well rested mind, and a heart devoted to the Divine. It is something to be aspirational about if we are still grappling with this notion of prayer filling our lives, when we may battle to pray at all.

Youth Ideas: Like A Halloween Pumpkin

Here’s something to think about this Halloween season. In Athens, Paul was disturbed by the culture around him (Acts 17:16). But instead of coming against it, he used things from that culture to present the gospel (Acts 17:22-31). Instead of avoiding Halloween because of what our personal convictions are, we can like Paul did, use this season as an opportunity to share Christ with those who desperately need Him.

Too Bad For God?

Have you become discouraged by personal failure and written yourself off? If you have, you are not alone, and this article is for you. My main point is that there are people out there, and you may be one of them, who deeply and genuinely feel they have so messed themselves up and others that they are too bad for God. Now are you willing to reconsider that? Not that you might be better than you thought, but that God might be more forgiving than you thought.

Abraham’s Thoughts While Preparing to Sacrifice Isaac

After Isaac was born and weaned, Abraham was asked to send his first son, Ishmael, and his mother, Hagar, away. This grieved him greatly because Ishmael was his only son for fourteen years. God told Abraham that his seed would be passed on through Isaac and not Ishmael. Now God was asking him to sacrifice Isaac. What were Abraham’s thoughts at this critical time?

Ten Talent Men

The parable of the talents is well known. Three men were given different amounts to invest for their master. Two invested well and were rewarded. “Ten talent men” is a description of these type of men.

Prophecies of the Antichrist: Who the Devil Could the Antichrist Be?

The various prophecies of the Antichrist seem to lend itself to sharp differences of opinion among theologians and laymen prophecy students alike. The divergence of views is divided into two main categories. On the one hand you have the view that puts the Antichrist in the distant past, while the other view regards his advent as a future, end-time fulfillment.

Is God Sour?

Why is life unfair? Does God have a plan other than handing us one lemon after another? Do you want answers?

Felt Like Jesus Lately?

This article is not about those who have Messiah Complexes. It’s actually about persecution – all sorts – from bullying, the cold shoulder, ridicule, dishonour, derision, to physical beatings, etc.

Anger, Advocacy and Action for the Defenceless

When we are rejected, and we feel like outliers, we have a special duty. We feel what it feels like to be discriminated against, and then we convert the prejudice against us into a force for advocacy for outsiders with special disadvantages. We turn the force for evil against us into a force for good for the disadvantaged.

TB Joshua and Kingson’s Wife (3)

Now, some people point out that these ministries do not teach the total sound doctrines of the bible. Yes, they promote healing, faith, grace, prosperity and other motivational teachings, but where is Jesus in all of it? Where is holiness? Where is sanctification? Where is the suffering and triumph of Jesus?

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