Sin – Original and Otherwise

Original sin is a basic tenet in Christian theology. Adam and Eve, our first parents, sinned in the Garden of Eden and were kicked out because of that. Jesus came to save us from that sin and make things right again. The ideas that are contained in the biblical story and form part of the foundation for Christian theology are an interconnected cluster, not just one or two simple notions preachers often suggest. I would like to look at some of the concepts and their structural links.

Satan and Forgiveness

One thing becomes clear when we study scripture: Satan gains an advantage when we harbor unforgiveness in our hearts. Satan gains an advantage that he can and will use against us.

How Old is Our Earth? – A Look From Historical & Genealogical Perspectives

How old is our earth? How old can the planets be? How old can the other galaxies in our universe be? How long ago did the dinosaurs walk the earth…? IF there is a Master Designer out there, a God that was able to create all things, isn’t it just possible that He may have made things already matured, aged, or old? After all, according to Genesis, He created a man, then a woman… not a baby boy and a baby girl, right? And He made birds, not chicks; fish, not guppies; and trees, not planting seeds.

Dr Evans and Jerusalem Prayer Team

The mission of the Jerusalem Prayer Team is to help guard, defend and protect the Jewish People and the Eretz Yisrael until the state of Israel is secure and the redeemer comes to Zion. The Jerusalem Prayer Team is a non-denominational organization. Anyone can sign up and learn more about the Jerusalem Prayer Team.

The Power of the Serpent

The animals that are mentioned in the story of the Adam and Eve, when taken allegorically, symbolize our various physical aspects. Of these, we are told, the serpent was the most ‘subtle’: that is, the cleverest, the most ingenious. This is not surprising.

Angel Interventions

Angelic friends help us in our time of need. Angels genuinely care about us. From the very beginning of the human race, they were appointed as guardians to watch constantly over intelligent life from conception until we leave this world and enter one of the subtle dimensions of Light, which we call Heaven. Struggling souls need love. Angels are love in action.

What God Hates Part 1 (Pride)

Have we considered the heart of God? Are we driven by the same passions as our Father in heaven?

Did Paul Found the Christian Movement?

This article looks at the role of the first Christian missionary to the world. Paul’s role in defining the shape of Christian orthodoxy is discussed, as well as influence on Church doctrine.

Check Your Attitude Before Entering

This article explains how to handle in a biblical way our communications with other people. What we should do when we get angry.

Temptations – Who Does the Tempting?

We are all tempted. It is important to know God does not tempt us. James 1:14 tells us we are tempted by our own evil desires. So what tempts us? There are many temptations out there power, money, sex, recognition, pornography. What do we do when temptation crops up? Do we entertain it and allow it to grow? If we do, it snowballs into sin. We find another choice in 2 Timothy 2:22 Paul says to “run and pursue righteousness, faith, love, and peace.” What’s your choice?

Jezebel Spirit – The Spirit of Manipulation and Deception

The spirit of Jezebel is always around us and it seeks to hide itself, seduce, intimidate, manipulate and trade in human souls. It is a religious spirit but it promotes religious things that are contrary to God. Jezebel promotes fleshly indulgence amongst God’s people and shuns the cross. The Jezebel spirit is the enemy of the true prophets of the Lord.

Rebuilding Churches to Their Past Splendor and Charm

Churches are a few of our most ancient architectural structures, dating from hundreds of years and surviving natural and man-made catastrophes. Church refurbishment is a shot not simply to reconnect with the past but also an effort to recover the lost glory of these buildings.

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