Haven’t Found Your Purpose? Choose Again And Persevere

Puppets on a string, lost in the world of form, directed by the intentions of ego, we live amongst shadows. Vainly we interpret reflections on a wall. Reluctant to embrace the realization that life is more than it seems, we yield to fear and hide from the light of revelation. In this brick and mortar creation we lack understanding and grovel at the indulgences of ego. We compete to succeed, compete to survive. It need not be this way.

The Sign of the Son of Man

In many articles, I keep mentioning the coming comet as the signpost for the great tribulations. It is at the same time the Last Trumpet, the Sign of the Son of Man mentioned in mathew 24, Planet of the Crossing as some groups call it or the appearance of the Egyptian god Nibiru. The Hopi Indians call it the Blue star Kachina.

The Soul of India, The Holiest River, Mother Ganga or The Ganges

India’s holiest river, Ganges, called Ganga, is heavily polluted. The combined efforts of the government and NGOs have not made a great impact despite the Ganga Action Plan launched in 1986. What is the reason that the Ganga is so deep rooted as a symbol that even thousands of years ago Lord Krishna declared that among all rivers, ‘I am the Ganga’? The spiritual importance of this river is immense explains the enlightened master Osho.

Bible Study on Revelations – Coordinating the Parallel Prophecies

One of the most ignored principles in the study of the Book of Revelations is the strict coordination of one prophecy in a particular chapter with that of its parallel counterpart in another chapter. For those who might not be aware of the definition of parallel prophecies, it is the sameness of predicted events in different parts of the Bible. So, for instance, in your Bible study on Revelations you will see a prophecy in a one chapter, and in another chapter (or book) you will also see same prophecy with more or less details.

Can You Predict The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ?

The second coming of Jesus Christ is predictable. No, we do not know when He will return for His bride, the Church of Jesus Christ. However, we can know when His second coming will be!

Being Gay Mormon And Learning to Survive

Because of the media in a frenzy around the latest teenage suicides caused by Gay and lesbian Violence, we’re all once again reminded of the issues of being homosexual in society. Making things worse all those currently in tight christian organizations, which include Mormons, can bring on unequivocal guilt, dread, pain and overall senses of failure. During this time it’s more vital than ever for gay LDS men and women to reach out to each other.

Adult Bible Study Curriculum – Stand Alone Lessons

As we approach the holiday season there are some great opportunities for lessons geared specifically towards that. Even if there is not a specific lesson in your Adult Bible Study Curriculum for the holiday that is approaching, you can still be flexible and work in a special stand alone lesson just for the occasion. This article contains guidance in just how to go about that.

Adult Bible Study Curriculum – Avoid the Lingo

One of the things we have to be careful about when it comes to teaching Adult Bible Study Curriculum is the lingo that we use. Those of us who have grown up in church have certain insider words we use but we need to begin to rid those from our vocabulary. I would like to look at a few reasons why.

Bells Are Ringing

It’s that time of year again when a lot of us stand all bundled up, ringing the bell for the Salvation Army. Today is my shift and I’m not happy about it. I know I’m going to be cold and bored and have to listen to that ever- ringing bell the whole time.

The Laws That Govern Creation

Creation emanated from the big bang, but is took spirituality to answer the question of the original cause of the big bang. The theory states that in the beginning the was nothing, then there was a big bang and the universe exploded from a point, and kept increasing in size, expending away from the central point of the big bang.

Adult Bible Study Curriculum – Patience

The key to any Adult Bible Study Curriculum coming across is patience. You as a leader have big ideas and goals but you must be patient in order to see them come to fruition.

Answering The Question: What Is A Christian?

We were really enjoying ourselves. It was a Sunday evening and we were with four other couples in the one couple’s home. Refreshments were being served, and the prattle at the moment was about matters of the Christian faith. Everyone was a member of the same church we had recently started attending.

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