Their Desperation For God Brought Them Freedom!

We Have Access to God As a Father

To learn that God the Creator of the Universe is actually a Father. Also that we can have access to Him as our Father.

Islam – The Pure Belief In God

Introducing Islam as the pure doctrine believing in God. Showing how Islamic belief is superior over other beliefs.

Quran – The Pure Word of God

This article shows that the Quran is the word of God. It shows the evidence that it is not Prophet Muhammad who invented the Quran, but it’s a revelation from God.

Dawkins, Suffering And Down Syndrome

Recently Richard Dawkins make some highly publicised remarks that it might be better to abort a Down syndrome foetus and try again. Even some who are generally sympathetic to his views were not so impressed. Granted that he has clarified the context of his remark, how we understand suffering says a lot about our view of humanity.

The Journey of Religions

This article is an honest approach towards discovering our roots embedded in religion and a journey of evolution of mankind, ideologies and religion. It has always intrigued me as to how we have come to where we are now, and this is something what my thinking and knowledge have brought me to.

The Original Masterpiece

God is the Master Creator. He is still working on and restoring His original masterpiece.

The Word of God Is the Work of God

God’s word is His work. The apostles said “… we will devote ourselves… to the ministry of the word” Act 6:4. To do the works of God: which includes winning the devil in battles. You must devote yourself to the word of God. The word of God is the work of God. Now, follow me.

Why So Many Bibles?

I was researching this as I was writing a course on Kabbalah for the ULC Seminary. One thing I learned during my research is that the Hebrew Bible is very different from the Old Testament in the Christian Bible.

Biblical Goddesses

This article explores the extraordinary roles women played in Biblical times. It only touches on a few of the amazing women in the Bible-and their role in the pagan religions of the times.

The Easiest Way to Buy Church Chairs

We regularly hear churches share about how difficult the process of purchasing church chairs is or was for them. “Why does it have to be so difficult?” is a common refrain we have heard repeated more times than we care to recount. Our answer though is that it really does not have to be that hard or difficult. Here are what we believe to be the five most important steps your church can take to ensure your church chair purchasing experience is not an ordeal, but rather a pleasant undertaking.

Created in the Image of God!

Do you know who you are? Do you believe that you have a destiny? When it is time for you to leave this world, do you think you should know where you will be going… ?

Prophet Muhammad – A Prophet Sent From God

Showing how Prophet Muhammad was loyal to his call to Islam. Prophet Muhammad didn’t seek money or authority by his call, but only he was only seeking the pleasure of God and saving people from Hell.

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