Theological SHOTS FIRED!! Am I Heretic?

Where Does Burn-Out And Bitterness Come From? Part 4

These are the steps needed to bring us out of the toilsome path that leads to burn-out and bitterness. For those of us who have walked down or are presently experiencing the tragic fruits of this path, nothing could be more important than what we are about to discover.

The Goseck Circle – Sundials and Time

From ancient days, man has been occupied with the measurement of time. Years, seasons, months, days, hours and minutes mark our existence. Why is that so important?

How God Works Good Out of Bad

The key to every test and every trial is faithful obedience. When we can endure our sackcloth-and-ashes work, God rewards us with a vision of wonder: the mystery of how God converts our bad circumstances into material for growth that we can prosper from. Nothing is truly against us; everything works for us, who love God.

How Togetherness Beats Loneliness

A men’s event where men take turns in sharing their honest weaknesses is a reminder of the power of community to break the isolation of loneliness. Many men, as with many women also, face spiralling desperation in these matters without fellowship. To hear of one man’s battle, that which once overwhelmed him, but of which now Jesus has helped him overcome, is a great encouragement to all men there. There are many more advantages of community than correcting the isolation many of us feel, but how it attends to isolation is marvellous.

The Church And Homosexuals

The Church must not distinguish between the sin of homosexuality and any other sin. The Scriptural teaching on homosexuality is very simple and precise. Is there a difference between thinking about sin and doing it?

Breaking the Law and Calling It Persecution

How many times have we seen it? We go out to lunch or shopping with our families and on some street corner there is one or two people with big signs that read “Your going to hell”, and our stomachs churn because part of us wants to resonate with the biblical reality that many people will be separated from God in an awful eternal state of punishment.

Jewish Yemenite Ritual Objects

One of the fascinating aspects of living in Israel is the opportunity to come in to contact with Jewish people who have returned to their homeland from all over the world. One such community is that of the Jews from Yemen. It is interesting to hear about their ritual objects as a way of learning a little more about this special group.

A Vision of a Hope-Filled Future

After a recent day that was as horrendous in finishing as it was in the starting, I was given later cause to reflect. My specific problem had been a lack of faith in the future vision of where my life was going, vocationally. I was feeling particularly helpless. And as I prayed I was given a vision – a very cogent vision. I imagined myself 20 years from now, and, looking back from there, I was advising myself to not give up – that enduring the sense of present setbacks would be worth it. From this vantage point, however nebulous it was, I could see hope – the fruition of a life purpose.

Calculating Down To The Final Seven Years Of Tribulation

In this article, I will tackle the actual calculations leading my readers to the Seven Years of Tribulation, still pending. I will also attempt to deal with one or two myths regarding this fascinating and sometimes misrepresented biblical prophecy. I will use scripture references to back up my claim, that indeed and in fact there are seven FINAL years of tribulation or time of great trouble coming upon this earth, which will lead us to The Second Coming Of Christ. So, without further delay let’s CALCULATE…

Our Faith Meter

I have always thought of faiths and the way forward. Kenya is said to be eighty percent Christians, but the big question is, how can we prove this to rest of the world? What truths were weighed before this was realized if the rich continue to accumulate wealth as the poor on the other hand languish in poverty? I urge the general public to consider these suggestions as guidelines, which if anyone was interested could be tested for our measure of faith.

Create Your Own Short-Term Mission Trip – Quickly!

Are you considering or looking for a short-term mission opportunity for your church or family but concerned about high gas prices and travel costs in an uncertain economy? You might think that you have to go hundreds of miles for a mission trip, but there is actually an opportunity right in your own backyard and it’s cheaper than a short-term mission trip out-of-state. Put together some tool guys (or gals) with some available time (youth and retired people are ideal) and reach out to a widow, single mothers, or an elderly or disabled homeowner in your own community – for Christ!

What Is an Islamic Mosque?

An Islamic mosque is a place of worship for people of the Muslim religion where they gather for salah (prayer) under the imam who is the leader of prayer. The mosque also serves as an education centre, as a centre for collecting and disseminating information as well as a dispute resolution platform. In Muslim countries like Iran and Pakistan, the mosque is used as a platform where political subjects are preached by the imam to the large congregations.

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