Theological SHOTS FIRED!!!!! Heretics!!

The Brokenness In Integrity

Integrity is paradoxical. It is proven through temptation. When we are honest, particularly within the mistakes we make, we prove our integrity.

How to Be a Good Muslim

As a Muslim, you probably might want to improve your relationship with your God or keep the flames of your imaan burning or keep away from a sinful act completely, but you just don’t know how. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Following are some steps that can help improve your religious faith and transform you to become a good Muslim:

Faith for Life Comes Working Through Love

The apostle Paul, through Galatians, is perplexed, as he was with the Corinthians, about how to deal with their propensity to add to their faith items of the Law; circumcision in this case. Somehow they felt that Christ’s obedience on the cross was not sufficient. They were being misinformed. They were trusting false informants. And being so close to Judaism was a problematic distraction. Even in our day, when we are not under such legalistic influence from a religious setting, our souls bend toward finding something to add to our faith; to make it ‘better’ – to somehow deserve our salvation. We make deals with ourselves. If we do ‘this’ (something holy) we will feel better about ourselves. If we do ‘that’ (something sinful) we feel worse about ourselves.

God Thinks Only Good Thoughts About Us

The thoughts of God are good towards us and Jeremiah 29:11 confirmed it by saying, for I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil to give you a future and a hope. You may have bad thoughts in your mind about yourself but it not in the mind of God; He loves you and He thinks no evil about you.

Holding the Fear at Bay

When we think about it, Jesus never promised any moments of fear-free living. No, many moments of our lives are loaded with fears of all varieties and to varying extremes. Fear may be so prevalent it mars our entire existence. Somehow we learn to cope or maybe we don’t.

Fruits of the Spirit

Experiencing the Fruits of the Spirit in our life will come from God, but it is not automatic. The Lord will give us the wisdom and understanding, showing us His ways but we have to make to active choice to follow His will. Then as our faith matures, God will replace the sin in our lives with the Fruits of the Spirit.

The Vicious Doctrine of Universalism

A friend of mine recently went off into the cultic Universalism. I tried to warn him of the problems with this teaching, but he was set in his way already and called my comments “vicious.” Got me thinking about just how vicious this doctrine really is.

How Does Love And Sin Relate To One Another?

Just what is sin? How does it affect your relationship with love? How does it mar your relationship with God. Where did it come from? Does it make any sense to worry about it? If so, can we get rid of it? The answers are here.

Love Is the Underbelly of Truth

A truth without love is an inadequate truth – and, therefore, no truth at all. We cannot blatantly upset people with our truth and claim to be transformed beings. God transforms us in love in order that we may see truth. Love always comes first. Then truth becomes the power behind our transformation.

What If You Could Change Your World

There are several billion people every day that would change their circumstances if they could. Whilst many of these cannot do this, many also can. There is a discretionary component in many of our lives. Sure, we have to work for a living but we have a say over how we live our lives. We don’t have to wait for a New Year to arrive to make resolutions with ourselves – covenants with God. When we are serious we can achieve anything we set our minds on. What if changing our world was as simple as addressing the way we feel? How would we do that? We can influence how we feel by becoming aware of and adjusting our thinking.

Never Fear Another Day

Everything lies ahead of us as opportunities to be conquered. When we know this, when we lock it into our consciousness through a sense of inspired habit, we never have to fear again.

The Day We Cut Off The Love Of God

There was a distinct time that our ancestors put up a barrier against receiving the love of God. And the consequences of their actions affect every generation that has been born since. Why would they do that? Find out why, and see from their example how you can avoid doing the same.

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