There is POWER and FREEDOM in CHRIST! (Sermon)

Prayer Ties For Healing Earth Mother

Please do not feel that you have to be of indigenous or tribal heritage to participate! Anyone of any faith or religion is welcome to participate and pray in your own way whether you are making the prayer ties or not.

Of Samson, America, and Me

What causes great men and great nations to crumble? Where do we stand now?

Techniques of Cult Persuasion

Reports reveal some techniques that certain cults exercise to persuade followers of their legitimacy, ranging from physical to intellectual. Several typical physical routines utilized by cults incorporate hyperventilation, repetitive motion and body manipulations.

Noah’s Little Boat, And All Those Animals

It isn’t polite to sit in a restaurant and listen to a conversation two tables over from you. However, when the obnoxious star of the table seems to be preaching to the entire room, it becomes difficult not to listen. His topic: this “silly book” the Bible and the fairy tale of Noah’s little ark, and how impossible it would have been.

Being Prosperous While Being Spiritual

The world has provided many ways through which you can make money and prosper, but those ideas often include taking from others. Let’s see how to do this while seeing your brothers with love.

Christian Charity – Is it Really Christian?

Does your charitable giving prove that we are a Christian Nation? Does It?

From Nobody to Somebody

Are you so consumed with hurt and pain, guilt and shame, sin and failures, that being like Jesus is the last thing on your mind? Stop, and get a new vision–the vision God has for your life.

Grace is a Gift!

Grace is a gift divinely imparted that none of us deserve and none of us can earn. Grace is God’s love freely offered to us and is the power to overcome trials. It is God showing His love to you even though you don’t deserve it.

LDS Pictures and Art in Sunday School and Church Meetings – A Short History

In more recent years the LDS church has produced LDS pictures and art that is more spiritual and scriptural. There are still pictures of people in non-religious situations but they have tried to add a spiritual element to them. Much of the artwork prior to this change can still be found in your ward library however, as church libraries are upgrading they are slowly getting rid of such artwork.

Bible Games – Two Activities to Enhance Your Sunday School Class

Children’s church is the ideal place to share the teachings of the Bible with young people. These two Bible games are sure to get your students’ attention.

Companion of the Pope Proved the Existence of God

72-year-old Polish priest and mathematician Michal Geller was in New York’s largest scientific prizes for work which provides indirect evidence for the existence of God. Geller, who is also an expert on cosmology and philosophy, received for his work 820 thousand.

Eight Empowerment Keys That Come From a Spiritual Mindset

Do you know that the power of a “spiritual mindset” will bring forth the mind of Christ with the thoughts of Him? Yes, there will be many people, who will disagree with these statements and questions.

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