These Things Are DEMONIC!

Christ is King!

Welcome to the last Sunday of the Christian year – a day traditionally referred to as the feast of ‘Christ the King’. I appreciate that there are probably not many here that manage their schedule according to the ecclesiastical calendar, yet I’m sure we are all familiar with the way in which different countries and cultures celebrate the New Year at a different times.

Our Lady of Fatima – Portugal – Part I

Portugal is a very special place in the hearts of Our Dear Lord Jesus and His Mother Mary. It has been consecrated to Mary for as long as anyone can remember.

2012 and the Two Suns! (This is Biblical)

The Mayan prophecies and others are claiming that there will be two suns appearing in our solar system. Among many other horrifying things, such as earthquakes, tidal waves, and Solar Storms, they are warning us of a 2012 visit of another sun. You know what? I hope they are right.

The Existential View of History

How one thinks determines his course of action. Therefore it is relevant to discuss some aberrant views of history. Because the Christian of the 21st century has blended existential thinking into his worldview to such a great extent, it is most relevant to understand what existentialism is and how it has become so prevalent in the Christian’s thought processes. Then the Christian needs to cast off the existential component of his worldview.

The Law of Gravity and the Second Coming

Most people’s first thought of the Law of Gravity is “what goes up must come down.” While that is a useful statement that proves true in throwing rocks or dropping things, it cannot account for why a satellite can remain in orbit, or a rocket can go to the moon.

Dead Men Walking

Each person would have to decide for himself whether Paul spoke the truth, and whether or not to heed the truth that Paul spoke. Understanding what he was talking about was not sufficient, Paul called them to action, to flee from idolatry and to rely upon the Holy Spirit, who indwells believers. The Holy Spirit would evaluate the gospel that Paul taught and apply it to each believer’s own life.

Christian Persecution in 2009: Highlight – Afghanistan

In certain regions persecution against Christians is on the rise. In Afghanistan the persecution of the very few Christians there is rife. Christianity is against the law.

New Revelation – Jesus’ Spiritual Teacher Revealed

There has always been much controversy surrounding Jesus and his mission and details about his own spiritual growth and attaining Christ consciousness on the Earth plane. And what is less known is who taught Jesus and guided him to attain this level of Christ consciousness. To answer this question we must understand what is “the Comforter” as Jesus referred to in the Bible and what is the “second Comforter” as Jesus also mentioned in the Bible and the role of the Ascended Masters, also known as the Ascended Host or Great White Brotherhood of Light.

Nineveh and Tarshish – Rebellion and Second Chances

Jonah, we all know his story. Heard about it. Talked about it. Pondered it. Jonah. We all know a Jonah, or two. As a matter of fact Jonah could be you Where is your Nineveh? Your Tarshish? What assignment has God given you? Instead of obeying you’ve ran away from it; to your Tarshish. To your make believe safe haven; from God.

If You Are a Trinity Worshiper, Are You an Antichrist?

Who or what is Anti-Christ and who or what is an anti-Christ? I ask these questions because Yashua Messiah (the Lord Jesus Christ), through His Messenger John, said that Anti-Christ would come and there would come a time when there would be many millions of anti-Christs, so who are they and how can we identify them? Easy, wherever you find trinity worshipers and monotheists you will find ’em, so that means they are a dime-a-dozen. Don’t believe me, well just fancy that and what are you going to do now?

Christians and the Signs of the Last Days

The Christians have been instructed how to act in the last day. Jesus gave them perfect understanding of all things that concern the end of time, so they are not caught unaware by the end of the world. Christians know that the last day will be attended by dreadful signs in the heavenly bodies and upon the earth and sea.

Parshat Vayeishev – A Hero Like Yosef

I wish heroes in the modern world could be like Yosef (Joseph). Ever since I learned the story of this amazing individual I have admired how he had truly developed himself so well that there existed nothing that could phase him.

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