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Ungodliness in Society

What makes a society ungodly? Ungodliness is brought forth and is manifested in the forms of perversion, abominations, ungodly edicts (laws) unrighteous behavior, (acts that are promoted as natural that are against God and nature), (just because men declare something to be legal, doesn’t mean that it is righteous or natural), and idolatry (which is also the idolizing of men, making then seem to appear to be a god or savior).

We Are Heirs Of God And Joint-Heirs With Christ Jesus

It is interesting for example that in England there is an heir apparent to the throne of England. This person has no authority as ruler as long as the queen lives; if she abdicated the throne then he would have the authority to rule. However, that is not the case with the children of God. We are not heir apparent; we are joint heirs with Christ and we have authority in His name right now to rule and reign in our life.

God Was Never On a Cross

When the commission to take God off the cross” was given it was a shock to me. Nowhere had this ever been told to me and the first place to look was at the life and times of the Roman Emperor Constantine.

Origin of Easter

Easter has its origin in ancient times and is related to marriage of the Mother God to the crucified Saviour. Men were selected or volunteered to fulfill this role every year right up until Constantine changed things to hide the facts. His religious cohorts then varied it further to credit his invented prophet as the only Saviour God.

Loving God Means Serving Others

If we owe God – and we all do, equally – then we will love him, and, in doing that, we will connect serving others as the key mode of loving him. When we truly connect the core purpose of being fully devoted to God, we understand the freedom we have to serve others, and, in that, to love the Lord our God.

Could Jesus Be Chosen As Pope Today?

Selecting the next Pope is only one of many problems facing the Catholic Church. Followers are down. It is difficult to attract new priests. Sexual crimes being committed by priests. Cover-ups of the crimes by the priests make it worse. Bribery and corruption have occurred at the highest levels of the Church. Women are not allowed to become priests.The Church does a great job of managing and control, but more is needed to make it flourish and grow. The articles asks, ” Could Jesus be chosen as Pope today?” The answer is a resounding no! However, opportunities for making things better in the Catholic Church are discussed.

The Creation of Eve

How was Eve created? Did God really take one of Adam’s ribs to form Eve? No, He didn’t. He used Adam’s DNA. Science and the Bible coincide perfectly when God’s word is understood.

What Was the REAL Forbidden Fruit in the Garden of Eden?

What really happened in the Garden of Eden? Did Eve eat an apple and then offer it to her husband? Were they banished from the Garden because of fruit? Or did something more sinister happen? Something so vile that it caused Satan to be lowered to a point where salvation was no longer an option for him? Find out below.

Does God Have Genitals?

If God is a man then he must function as a man and that means he has a wife and kids. But if God is not a man then why is it that religion promotes that men and not women are created in his image?

Better Than Morse Code – Two-Way Communication With God

People have invented numerous ways in which to communicate with each other. When a newer form of communication is invented an older one is replaced by it, like the telephone replacing Morse Code. But we can always be assured that our communication with God, through prayer, will never be outdated.

Constantine and the Catholic Church Deceived the World

The message in the bible is that at the end of time the truth about 666 would be known. It has come about through years of research and spiritual guidance because this is the time.

Reincarnation Facts

Reincarnation is rarely spoken of because of the noise put out by religions that depend on heaven and hell as weapons in their arsenal. Those who have memory of it must stand on very firm ground before expressing their experience. In my case the ground beneath my feet has been greatly strengthened.

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