They Just Kicked Two Black Men Out Of Their Restaurant

The High Cost of Not Hiring an Interim Pastor

How costly is the mistake of not hiring an interim pastor when the church’s permanent pastor resigns? A church that cuts corners here will incur great costs in at least five expense categories. On balance, can your church afford to save by not hiring a trained transition minister?

What Does It Cost to Hire an Interim Pastor?

Intentional interim pastors are specialists. Like specialists in the medical field, they bring specialized training, extensive experience and unique personal qualities that make them skilled practitioners in very unique circumstances. But as it turns out, it costs far less to hire an interim pastor than the value they bring to churches in need.

Living Eternal Life Now

Eternal life clearly has two aspects from the biblical viewpoint: the now and the not yet. Now, there are many disparate schools of thought on Heaven and eschatology. But that isn’t my present focus, here. Besides the magnificent concept of Heaven – the place I believe all true believers in and doers of God’s Word go, by grace, through faith – there is the shimmering promise of eternal life now. Ours is to take hold of this promise; to make it our own through obedience; to worship God, through the living of our lives, in Spirit and in truth.

The Answer to Life’s Greatest Question

God’s creation is so amazing to me. My wife and I are not into watching many videos, but one thing that we do enjoy from time to time is a nature video all about God’s marvelous creation.

Stop Saying That You Are A Sinner!

This article considers the spiritual significance of a common declaration made by Christians that they are just sinners saved by grace. Is that always a true statement? What implication does it have in their daily lives and walk with God?

A Sane Religion Shrouded in an Insane Society

Religion, in its equivocal context, has been defined by a good number of scholars and philosophers alike; some definitions of which amount to blasphemy and heresy to religious bigots and hypocrites equally. Perhaps the most paraphrased definition is that of Karl Marx ”Religion is the opium of the people”.

Placebo Christianity

Many folks were born into whatever religion or denomination that their parents were a part of. They were born a Baptist, or a Catholic, or whatever, and they are going to die a Baptist, or a Catholic, or whatever. It’s an psychological and emotional attachment for most. Many will stay with the Church that they got “saved” in, or won over to because of this. They have a psychological loyalty to their philosophy and their Placebo Christianity.

Taking Time to Enjoy Jesus

Having an intensely intimate relationship with Jesus, I find difficult within my life, if I’m not intentional about making time or taking the time to distance myself from the trappings of the world. As soon as I commit myself to listening to my heart’s desire – to connect with God, besides the world’s politics, people’s scheming, and work and familial conflict – I find Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, enters my understanding, again.

Religion: I Believe (For Entirely Selfish Reasons)

Given that the Bible is the most contradictory and illogical text that’s alleged to be non-fiction, it’s a wonder anyone puts any stock in the Christian religion, the Bible, God and associated entities. But, billions have and do. Why? Well religion puts you in the driver’s seat. You adopt religion because you’re a selfish bastard! “Why believe” is a no-brainer since there’s a lot to be said for the “what’s in this for me” question and religion markets itself by offering you a theological banquet.

Organizing Church Events: Easy Ways to Do It

Events and churches go hand in hand. A number of faith-based associations or church bodies keep organizing events for various reasons; some of which are social get-togethers, potluck dinners, fundraising campaigns, and so on. A thorough planning about how to proceed with the event organization and management aspect is vital to the success of any event and its related activities.

The Countdown to December 21, 2012 “Doomsday!”

With the soon approach of December 21, 2012, some religious people have already started doing bizarre things such as building compounds, hoarding food, and stock piling weapons. This article takes a look at the logic behind some Christian organizations proclaiming that interpretations of the Bible’s book of Daniel that they say predict the date for the final battle between good and evil (Armageddon), will be in 2012. It also reviews symptoms of religious addiction.

Do I Have To Be Religious To Go To Heaven?

“I don’t believe in an afterlife, although I am bringing a change of underwear.” (Woody Allen) When it comes to the question of heaven, like Woody Allen, you might want to keep your options open. And you may wonder if there really is a heaven, is religion of any relevance? You ask “Can’t I get to heaven my way? Why should my beliefs make any difference to my fate?” If you haven’t killed anyone or done anything really bad why worry about it?

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