Worship Is A Decision

“There are two times to praise the Lord when you feel like it and when you don’t feel like it”, Pst Bonnie Deuschle. Worship is a personal decision you make, one should do it for you because it’s how you meet your Maker.What it will take you to meet the Maker of all and fall in his presence and just worship.

Walk Of Faith: Believe That We Have Access To The Resources Of Heaven

A couple of weeks ago I heard a pastor say that we are the bride of Christ and we have access to all that belongs to Him. He said that we have been given a blank check and without fear or worry we can get what we want because Jesus has the resources to meet all of our needs.

What I Don’t Understand About Christianity

The author addresses a long overdue issue. The church makes lots of noise about evangelizing the lost. But once then are saved, then what? If they are left to themselves with no teaching or guidance to get going along the road to spiritual growth, many times they stumble and fall, and never get going again.

Ichabod: The Real Message of the 2012 Elections – Part 1: The Departure Observed

An assessment of the 2012 elections, the Christian-conservative-religious right and where the right went wrong. Part 1 observes the departure of the conservative right from its traditional values as evidenced by candidates selected in the primary election process.

Butterflies and Roses in December

How are butterflies and roses in December like our loved ones? A quote by James M. Barrie picks up on a relationship between them.

No Happy Holidays From Me

Well no I’m not being miserable in this season of festive cheer you will just get no “Happy Holidays” from me. I’m no Scrooge or Grouch but I may well be the ghost of Christmas past.

Free Gift

The Christmas season is a wonderful give-giving time. Of all the gifts given and received, the gift of Jesus is the most important.

How To Stay Healthy During The Christmas Season

With the Christmas season upon us, it’s easy to stop feeling good. Too much stress, too many things to do, and too many parties to attend. This article will help you stay healthy during the Christmas season.

Accepting God’s Paths for Life

Accepting the paths God has us on is both gratitude and wisdom. There is no use and no benefit to anyone in not accepting God’s path. Acceptance is a divine gift where things cannot be shifted, as is courage when things might be changed.

Trusting God In Silence and Absence

Every Christian, and a vast number of non-Christians, have experienced the silence and absence of God; the felt phenomenon. Of course, God is ever present, but we are ever so prone to feeling neglected, unanswered, and abandoned. It is our human default to not give God the credit his faithfulness deserves, because we assign to God (often without thinking) a human standard of care. I mean, how many humans have failed us?

What the Clinically Depressed Need From Church

Grief-induced depression, or depression induced due to change etc, i.e., non-clinical depression, is very far removed from clinical depression. These two are poles apart. And whilst the former person might be encouraged by words from the Bible, the latter – the people who have struggled with clinical depression – may inevitably feel condemned because they are misunderstood. They are, therefore, so far as the church is concerned, misrepresented. For, the church exists to speak into the hearts of suffering people as these, by a compassion beyond words.

God’s Infallible Word: Something’s Screwy Somewhere

Multi-millions around the world accept the Bible as the literal word of God, and as such it cannot be in error. However, an examination of Biblical texts strongly suggests, to those with open minds, that error, or as I like to phrase things “something’s screwy somewhere”, abounds.

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