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Miracle Healing in Christian History


Miracle Healing in Christian History

Throughout Christian history, God has used people to perform miracles. These miracles have shaped Christians’ lives and their thoughts about God. Some churches have avoided supernatural ministry. Others falsify these miracles, while some believers chase after supernatural experiences.

When Jesus was on earth, he performed many miracles. He told his disciples to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast demons. He also told them to preach the kingdom of heaven.

Some of these miracles were reported in the gospels. For example, when a Roman soldier’s servant was sick, Jesus healed him immediately. He also healed an invalid woman who was a leper. These miracles occurred in private homes and were not confined to the public.

The book of Acts reports many miraculous signs. In addition to the miracles, Jesus also taught his disciples to cleanse lepers, cast demons, and to pray for the sick. The apostles also worked miracles.

Many Protestants report having a “new birth” experience of forgiveness from sin. The infilling of the Holy Spirit enables us to be free from the pollution of sin and brings us into a new life in Christ.

The gift of healing was bestowed to the twelve apostles. It was also bestowed on the apostle Paul. In fact, one-third of the gospel accounts of Jesus’ public ministry focus on reports of physical healings.

In the twelfth century, the practice of anointing the sick with oil became a sacrament. It was used for spiritual preparation for heaven, and was limited to those in danger of death.

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