Wisdom and Knowledge

To fully understand the implications of knowledge and wisdom one must grasp the reality of their foundation. Knowledge and wisdom can only be effective with the love that God places within the spirit of man.

Church Quest, Part Two

In Part One I recounted how my belief system was moved forward and how its form was defined so that I could snug in just about anywhere in Christendom. But I do not want anywhere. I want a specific framework to best underlie the bulges and indentations of my personal convictions. I want structure that will support but also bend when I need it to, and with plenty of strength for expansion. Christian writer Phyllis Tickle’s quadrilateral now gives me an effective tool of discernment. I have a context within which to examine my own experience for leads as to where I belong. Further, I now have two basic questions to ask myself: what’s most central about my beliefs, faith or deeds?; and how can I best express that, with practice or with loyalty to a doctrine?

Pretending To Know God But Addressing The Almighty As A Man

Man’s idea of God is way out of line when the male perspective is linked to it. God is Spirit and it fills the entire universe. However big that is then that is the size of the Creator. It is certainly no man sitting above the clouds in some kingdom.

No Virgin Birth Makes Jesus Christ A Myth

The life and times of Jesus Christ has captivated many but the story is based on ancient myths and previous Avatars. The conspiracy to hid the real God, the Great Creative Spirit of the Universe, was the work of kings who derived power from the deception.

Getting God’s Help When Helping Gets You Down

EVERYTHING to everyone we cannot be, but it doesn’t stop us from trying. At times we can be nobody to no one and if we have the propensity and purpose to help we may regale with the feeling that we’re just no good. It’s a very fine line between not caring enough in ministry and caring too much. It’s no surprise that those drawn to the caring professions are also most susceptible to compassion fatigue.

Do Not Allow Anything to Prevent You or Stop You From Arriving at the Truth of the Word of God

While visiting the prison in the basement at the House of Caiaphas they were excavating the courtyard and when our people on the Tour were being shown around the House and the dungeon I jumped over the rope and looked towards the dungeon wall where it is said Jesus was held prisoner for a few hours. Peter and John were in that courtyard according to the Scriptures and Peter eyeballed Jesus Christ after he had denied knowing Jesus Christ three times. The courtyard and the slit in the dungeon wall are on the same level. That was something else I had seen to be reliably accurate. But there is something even greater. When you have met the risen Christ, and had an encounter with the living Jesus, and have experienced forgiveness and the power and presence of the Holy Spirit, other issues fall into place. When you read and feed upon the Word of God, you receive inspiration, strength, guidance and direction.

Why Many Have Stopped Believing In God

Outside of religion there is a wonderful world of truth and understanding waiting for those who seek it. The real God is there and the inheritance meant for those with a mind and heart to reach out to it.

Intensive Prayer In The Spirit Is The Way To God

Prayers that come from the heart and not the minds of others reach to the Spirit and may get a response. Idols, icons, and imagery from people’s imagination is window dressing that disconnects the worshiper from the truth.

Shattered Dreams – Any Hope?

One of the most difficult things people face is shattered dreams. Some dreams were so wonderfully fulfilled, only later to be smashed beyond repair. Others always seem beyond our reach, like a mirage in the desert beckoning parched travellers, but who never reach the inviting source. What is going on here and can we get a handle on this that might help someone?

Life Is In The Son

“Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life.” – 1 John 5:12 (ESV). There are many profound and challenging words shared on the pages of the Scriptures.

Five Fear Factors in Islam

Muslims are afraid to speak against radical Islam. Maybe they are afraid of their fellow Muslims, afraid of dying, maybe afraid of Allah. A contrast with Christianity is seen.

The Real God Is Punishing The Blasphemers And Worshipers Of Idols

The two gods of the bible are now at war with each other. The Trinity of the New Testament versus the one and only creator of all things in the Old. So which one is right? Who will win? That is what is being decided right now.

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