A Biblical Approach to Overcoming Depression

This is a conservative Biblical approach to overcoming depression, a number one societal ailment today. This is a quick reference, very direct.

The Five Point Star and the Right Angled Cross

These are the two symbols of the Mother God of ancient Babylon. The first sits over Islam and the religions born of it and the second over Christianity and the branches born from it. They are all the same and the camouflage and layers of filth that hide the roots are now removed.

Terrorism and Religions That Promote It

People who spend their days pondering the threat of hell and burning forever for their sins are incapable of proper thought. They are brainwashed from birth into believing that heaven and hell are real and that the only way to go up is to obey their leaders. They are taught that dying for their god is good and they will be rewarded for doing so.

Why Do People Believe in Things That Are Wrong and Stupid?

It’s the puzzle that brought confusion and a wall of deceit into the world. We are all different and entitled to our thinking but what happens when something is proven before their eyes and yet people cannot get it? This happens a lot when in my endeavours to reach out to people the question of heaven and hell pops up or suggestions of the devil.

Why Reincarnation Is Difficult for Religions to Accept

The most important thing that my reincarnation proves is that heaven and hell are myths. That means that there is no devil, angels, saints, or god sitting above the clouds. It also means that the religions that depend on them to get their audience cannot survive if the word gets out that they have misled their people.

Religions Are Prisons Holding Back the Children of God

To be part of a religious system one must obey the leaders. That means that they cannot trust the voice within nor act of their own accord against the teaching of their faith. In other words they are prisoners of the establishment.

Religions Have Brought Pain and Death to the World

While they blame the devil and evil forces for the pain and suffering it’s the religions themselves that are responsible. The false gods and idols they put up and promote and the prayers they encourage their people to use are a barrier to the truth. It is that wall that the Spirit has commissioned me to tear down and it gave me the knowledge and power to do it.

Misconceptions of God Brought About by Man’s Ignorance

It is something beyond the human mind to grasp but God is everywhere and in all things because it is the Great Spirit of the Universe. As air is everywhere and in and around all things and we live and breathe it to survive so is the Spirit. Those who live and breathe its life are also alive in a different way to those who choose to follow the religious teachings and worship idols and false gods.

All Nations Are Fighting Against Mt Zion

We are at the end of the day of the lord and that is a period of 4,000 years. It began with the seeding of a group with the Spirit as shown to me in a vision. This happened after my reincarnation and a commission to tear down the wall that has buried the truth and bring back the young, who are called the ‘children of Israel’.

Does God Exist? A Logical Answer

The question “Does God Exist?” exists from the beginning of time and there are hundreds of theories which suggest both yes and no as answers. Out of all the researches I’ve made, there is one such theory which answers “Yes” in a more logical way than their counter parts. I would like to share it here as an article.

The Day of the Lord Is Cruel With Wrath and God’s Fierce Anger

When God made the earth and all the things in space it did not retire, but remains in full control. The things happening here are part of a grand plan to bring the spiritual children of Israel to full growth in the spirit and to deliver them as perfect beings at the end of a period called the day of the lord. During that time which has lasted for 4,000 years the ones seeded with Spirit at the beginning of it have been put through fires of refinement and unimaginable horrors to test them.

One Can’t Learn About God in a University

Having been through the academic path of a university and the way that one stands on the shoulders of others to earn a degree is telling when it comes to how men learn about God. Throughout history it has been this way when systems are ordered there are expectations that they meet the required standard that means referencing the work of others as stepping-stones. The end result is interesting and varied but completely without any knowledge about the real God.

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