The Window Dressing and Weapons That Religions Depend on For Survival

Religious institutions are businesses that depend on the public for survival. Their wares include promoted advantages such as eternal life in heaven, favouritism with their gods, and communities of like-minded people. They trade these things for money and power while they threaten eternal damnation to those who oppose them.

I Want A Miracle

When does a supernatural occurrence qualify as a miracle? All all miracles supernatural manifestations? Does our faith move God, or does God move independently of our faith?

Men Who Preach Religion Don’t Speak for God

Claiming that they speak for The Almighty is one thing, proving it is another. The basic human act of marriage is a case in point whereby the preacher claims that two people are joined together by God and that no one will be allowed to separate them. This is typical hocus pocus and nothing for the couple has actually changed.

The Abracadabra Words of Religious Hocus Pocus

While magicians try to fool their audience into believing that they have supernatural power religious preachers are of the same ilk. Not one of them speaks or acts for and on behalf of the real God. They don’t even know who the Great Power is and they avoid any contact with the Spirit of the Universe.

Which Taskmaster Would You Like – Harsh Cold Legalism, Or Our Gracious Loving Forgiving Christ?

Paul was delivered from the LAW, and he was delivered from SELF! He had been confronted by the risen and living Lord Jesus Whom he did not believe existed! Many have found themselves in that situation over these past two thousand years. He was baptised in water and his former legalistic religion was killed off and he died to these old ways and habits. The law is a hard harsh taskmaster. Do this. Do that. Sacrifice these. What a ‘taskmaster’ we have now – One who loves us – who gave His Life for us – Who shed His blood to wash us – One who heals – protects – preserves – guards – guides – forgives. Which ‘taskmaster’ do we wish to have? We will have one or the other!

Dangerous Theocracies That Prevail in the World: Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, and Islam

The issue of “who speaks for God” has been a matter of controversy among religious sects ever since Cain killed his brother Abel and went off to create his own disparate following in a land called Nod. Especially after the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, millennia later, man has sinfully created his own pagan gospels for the purpose of controlling the lives of those human disciples who are persuaded to follow the commandments of men, and not of the true living God of heaven and earth. There are three religions existent upon the earth today that are basic theocracies, which proclaim that God tells only one person on the earth, an oracle, what all other human beings are supposed to know. These dangerous religions are Roman Catholicism, Mormonism, and Islam, and the oracles for each of them are popes, prophets, and caliphates. These theocracies deny that Jesus Christ can reveal to any Christian, by the power of the Holy Spirit, what is, supposedly, revealed only to Catholic popes and Mormon prophets. The heresy of Islam totally denies the Savior Jesus Christ and places the power of the Islamic Allah in the hands of presiding caliphs. Read on…

The Magic in Religions and Those Fooled Into Believing It

Religions are full of magic. Most wouldn’t even know but the abracadabra words and phrases said at rituals, such as weddings, are designed to change one’s perspective of reality. ‘Those whom God have joined together’ are fake words designed to empower the church to dictated how people use their sexuality.

Can We Learn Deep Lessons About Spiritual Faithfulness From the Farmer Who Could Not Sell His Milk?

Might it be becoming more difficult in these days to remain faithful to Almighty God, and to remain, loyal, and true to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, when some in positions of ‘leadership’ in the visible church are turning away from the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments? There is a massive difference between what we see as the visible church, and the Church of Jesus Christ. How can we remain faithful, and loyal, and true to Jesus Christ and His Word, in a day of spiritual treason? Our faithfulness as disciples of Jesus Christ will be tested.

Why Are Catholic Priests Married to Mary?

My research uncovered shocking and quite disgusting evidence of practices within the Catholic Church. From its establishment in 325 AD it has covered over its roots and buried the facts that it is the recycled Islamic religion of Babylon. Through tricks, mysteries, and magic it continues as it began and Mary, its principal object of worship, is none other than the stylised female image of the sun.

Hypocrisy in Islam

One of the bad and despised conducts not wanted in people is insincerity. Can’t is to try to gain people’s appreciation, by making oneself pleasant in the works related to this world and the hereafter.

Why Would Someone Need a Degree to Understand God and Biblical Teachings?

The answer to that question is rather obvious. Only through studies designed to support the lies within the New Testament and the changes and additions to the Old Testament could anyone make sense of them. The conflicts, contradictions, and straight out improbable and exaggerated claims makes the bible a closed and incomprehensible statement.

Did Jesus Christ Exist in Light of Modern Knowledge and Old Testament Prophecies?

The claims of his coming to earth as the Son of God and that he is part of a Trinity is as weird, wild, and inconceivable as any of the lies and hype of religious origin. Some note that he died on a cross to shed his blood to wipe away sin and that only through blood can such be forgiven. To top it off they purport that he arose after death and then ascended into heaven were he sits on a throne on the right hand of God.

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