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How to Prepare a First Rate Sermon

If you’re a Christian minister or church leader, who feels like they know more than other Christians, you’re probably going to stop reading the article about now. These people are often arrogance and cannot be told, what to do. Their arrogance will often lead them down a path towards evil.

The Truth About Christian Bible Study Groups

One of the worst things that you can do, when learning about the Bible, is to surround yourself with people who agree with everything that everyone else in the group says. Most religious followers don’t want to upset the apple cart and are afraid to speak out in fear of being ridiculed.

Digging Up the Evidence About Jesus

The reason why I’m asking this is very few Christians ever spend the time required to study Christianity. There are millions of Christians, who proclaim their belief in Christ as their Lord and Savior and some of them even proclaim him to be God, the Creator of the universe. Yet very few of these people show any interest in studying Christianity.

The Confusing Life of Jesus

If you’ve only read one Gospel, let’s say that you only read the Gospel of Mark and you got a pretty good idea, what Jesus’ life was like. Consider your self lucky, to have never read the other three, because this is where it gets confusing.

Rescuing the Bible From Fundamentalism

If we think about the word fundamentalism or fundamentalist, it seems to create an illusion in our minds of the basics or foundation of something. In other words, a fundamentalist Christian, is someone who should understand the basic foundation of Christianity.

How Many Contradictions Are in the Bible?

I’m not going to give you any examples, of any Bible contradictions. It seems like all the examples I give, don’t seem to mean very much to Christians, anyway. I’ve given examples of when Jesus was born and when he died, but nobody seems to care about this information.

It Only Matters What God Said

The only problem is, how do we know what God is really saying. It’s hard to read the Bible, and get a clear picture of what God really wants us to do. A good example of that would be all of the Christian denominations and sub denominations and sub denominations of those sub denominations.

The End of All Evil

Pride can degrade the highest angels into devils, the same way humility can raise fallen flesh and blood to the thrones of angels. I have always shared this idea that the greatest truth through the depths of eternity is that evil can have no beginning but from pride, and no end but from humility. This made me conclude that the only one true way to greatness is the way of patience, meekness, humility and resignation to God, and apart from this, nothing of heaven leaves in us.

It Takes Humility to Get to the Top

Humility is direct opposite of pride. Pride sets in the moment you over-estimate your worth, but true humility ranks above pride – the very essence of holiness, and it is the displacement of self by the enthronement of God.

Christ’s Second Coming – How True?

Those who scoff at the second coming of Christ and those who receive the doctrine with indifference are labeled unbelievers and evangelicals, respectively yet the believers have not come up with a convincing enough proof of this. The question still remains, will He come?

Abraham’s Blessings Are Yours!

And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise (Galatians 3:29). When you were born again you became the seed of Abraham and thus the inheritor of the Abrahamic blessings. That’s why I love that old song: “Abraham’s blessings are mine!” Your relationship with Christ has made you the real descendant of Abraham, and therefore the possessor of the blessings God conferred on him.

What If the Holy Bible Compliments Good Science?

This is a new way at looking at an old subject. There is a list of 12 assumptions we make if the Holy Bible compliments True Science. If the Holy Bible compliments good science, we have surely been fed a big lie for decades. It appears there are some people who have made it a practice to keep this important truth away from us. Perhaps it would do us good to re-examine the facts.

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