This Is The Ugly Reality In Ukraine. These Are Not Scenes From A Movie.

As the Last Days Approach!

I can imagine many of you are already thinking what I thought when I heard this. I was in shock, and I thought of Jesus and His warnings in the Bible, and I thought of the book of revelations and the mark of the beast.

THE BIBLE MYTH (Part I) – Following the Path of Logic to Paradise

A writer builds their story around a theme that is designed to stand out in the mind of the reader. If someone were to try and remember a story they had heard a long time ago and draw from memory in an attempt to re-write it, they would not remember all of the details of the story but the main theme. So it was for the stories of the bible.

John Calvin Was Sometimes Inconsistent In His Application Of Biblical Separation Principles

John Calvin was, at times, inconsistent in his *application of some* of the biblical principles he was beginning to glimpse concerning worship, discipline and separation. For example, his great love for the unity of the church (and his keen perception of the threat posed by Romanism and the Anabaptist scourge) sometimes seemed to cloud his vision and cause him to be far too lenient towards the idolatry and error practised by the Lutherans.

Inspirational Sayings Can Become Your Life’s Motto

Identifying inspirational sayings that speak directly to your life is the first step to finding your life’s motto. Have you found yours? Once you do, you will realize focus in your everyday life.

4 Ways Christian Love Is Different From The World’s

Christian love is something that can transform lives. For those who demonstrate it in their lives, it makes a difference to them as well as everyone they meet. So many Christians today are coming under fire because there is a lack of Christian love in the world. Sometimes this shortage is the fault of Christians themselves who only think they know Jesus and wear their title as one would “janitor,” “politician,” or “doctor.”

The Kingdom of God: 13 – Implications for Us, Now

Once people discover the Kingdom in the Scripture, strange things happen. Many, like the Watchtower Society, other cults, and some “Kingdom Now” Christian groups, are trying to make it all happen politically now. Sounds good sometimes, but it’s not going to happen. Not now. Our directions for now are very specific…

The Kingdom of God: 10 – Who Will Be There?

That our names are written in heaven, said Jesus, is more important than the power to cast out demons and heal the sick. One doesn’t cancel out the other, for the latter gifts are Kingdom related for sure! But Kingdom related is always trumped by Kingdom present. When attendance is taken on that day, will your name be called?

Firstborn Fall – Adam’s Deviation

Adam was the firstborn of God. The first man, first husband, first father, first to marry, first business man, first farmer, first gardener, first everything. Eventually, he was the first to fall because he deviated from his original position.

The Kingdom of God: 11 – Who Is in the City, Who Is Out? (Part 2)

It won’t be exclusively Heaven on that day. Rather, it will be the reign of heaven. A perfect world with perfect government, but still the problem of sin and death to be dealt with. Only after the Millennial Reign of Jesus are Death and Hell cast into the Lake of fire.

The Kingdom of God: 12 – Lifestyle in the Kingdom

What will it be like to be alive in the day when the Kingdom comes to Earth in its fullness? Of course, saints will have new bodies and totally new assignments, very different from the normal men and women over whom they will rule. So the question can have a variety of answers. It’s still intriguing to ask it.

A Spiritual Reflection on Poverty

Throughout history, men and women have given their lives to the service of the poor.  It is a great and noble task that is lived through the ordinariness of everyday and obtained by being attentive to both the great events and the small and sometimes insignificant things in life, and completing them all very well.

A 9-11 Sermon

Today is September 12th here in Sydney, which means that in the USA it is September 11th – around 4:30pm in the afternoon if you live on the West Coast and 7:30pm if you live on the East Coast, and somewhere in between those times if you live somewhere in between. And you’ll have to excuse me from departing from my normal format of simply focusing on one of our scheduled readings for today, as you’ll have to forgive me for focusing on the anniversary of an event that took place nine years ago on the other side of the world and hence, some might suppose, had nothing to do with us then and even less to do with us now. But the truth is that the attack upon the Twin Towers in New York on September 11th 2001, despite the fact that it happened a long way away and quite a long time ago, is an event that continues to play a determining role in the lives (and deaths) of millions of people across the globe, and which certainly has had a direct impact on all of us here.

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