This Is What Preaching Is All About It’s For The Souls

What Our Dreams Really Mean

Do you honestly believe that dreams symbolize something? Dreams are like wide screen imitations what is inside your heart and soul.

Theonomy Is the Solution to Restore Honor to America

If we are going to see a clear vision set to restore honor to America, into uphold liberty and justice for all, we need a way to clearly describe our mission. Because the term “republican values” no longer refers to the founding principles of our nation, but rather a political party, I suggest that we adopt the term “Theonomy” in its place. The goal is not to enforce religious faith, but to implement social and moral structures which will be a blessing to all people; values which encourage human dignity, freedom, liberty, happiness and prosperity. Such values will keep the dream of our founding fathers alive in our generation.

Those Without Biblical Values Are the True Underprivileged

There are certain values which naturally lead to success and, as a byproduct, will naturally lead to wealth. The values which naturally lead to success are biblical values. When people are taught not to steal, not to bear false witness, to be just, to be respectful of others, to be industrious, creative and all of the other values which are taught in Scriptures, they will naturally develop successful lives.

Spiritual Growth Christianity

Spiritual growth is a term that usually refers to religious transcendence, spiritual formation or higher development of one’s spirituality. Spiritual growth has no exact definition but in general, it is an attempt or means towards the direction of spiritual furtherance and deepening of one’s spirituality. It is an essential development of one’s consciousness to be able to have a meaningful life.

How Great Is Our God

Our great God! What an awesome God we serve! I am so amazed at His presence in my daily life. He provides in indescribable ways.

A Nation Under Siege – Let My People Go

To all who say you are a Christian, pay attention. The American economy is experiencing a take over by foreign companies, financial entities, and investors that have brilliantly brought our country to its knees. Is this a coincidence?

The Books of Bible – Short Description

The word “Bible” is not a biblical word. The men who wrote the books of the New Testament called these writings the Scriptures, the Holy Scriptures, the Sacred Writings, or they refer to them as the Law, the Prophets, or the Psalms. We start to use word Bible about four hundred years after Christ. It is a Greek plural noun, meaning the books, or the little books. The early Christians spoke of them as “The Books,” rather than as “The Book.

Is Tithing Important Today?

This is an article about Tithing and is it important today. Yes it is important and it is one of God’s ways of getting prosperity to us.

There Is No Shelf For Sinful Christians

The greatest lie the Devil has ever told Christians has to do with the “shelf” you may get placed on if you sin a certain sin, or a certain amount of sin. So listen up. God would not call you and give you specific gifts if He didn’t want you to use them.

Was the Lourdes Vision From God? (Scarlet Threads – Part Forty-Nine)

We cannot go on denying the supernatural. Church, get over it. But we must define the supernatural’s source from time to time. Whatever lifts Jesus higher before men is of God. He must be central.

Jesus Christ Is the Only Way – Why the Bible Offends So Many People

In this day and age it is common for people to hold the view that there are multiple ways to get to heaven. Many people will say: “Whatever works for you is fine, and I’ll stick to what works for me.” It is no wonder that most of the world’s religions coexist in harmony with one another, and therefore also no wonder that Christianity stands apart and is often attacked for being too offensive. Why is this?

Identifying And Defining The Different Types Of Religion

Your own chosen religion helps you to have a better understanding of the different philosophies of life. It allows you to nurture your relationship with your God and makes you a better person. You need to understand the different types of religion that way you will also know which type of religion you will follow.

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