Character, Integrity, and Leadership

The traits I believe that are necessary to have in order to conquer life. When one acquires these; I truly believe life will be enjoyed to it’s fullest.

Why Islamic Shops Make Finding Halal Food Easy

Religiously permissible food can be a little hard to find particularly in countries where the primary faith is different from yours. Whether it is Jewish Kosher food in Japan, Vegetarian Hindu food in Italy or Muslim Halal food in the United Kingdom, finding particular types of food can at times prove to be quite difficult and frustrating for the user.

How to Make Sure You Will Go to Heaven When You Die

Do you ever worry about where you will go when you die? There is a simple solution to assure you that you will go to heaven when you die.

God is Working in You

Do you want to be encouraged today? Think about this. The Bible says God is working in you. Properly understood, that truth should encourage you.

God Uses Ordinary People

There are no extraordinary people; only ordinary people. But we have an extraordinary God who uses ordinary people.

The New Covenant – Part 3

In the New Covenant we are not under law but under grace. Some Christians get scared about that kind of liberty. “Take away the law from God’s people and they’ll go wild!” And so the truth about grace is toned down by phrases like, “We’re not under the law for salvation, but we are under the law as a rule of life.” In other words the law cannot justify us but it can sanctify us.

How to Have an Effective Ministry

The miracle of the feeding of the 5,000 is recorded by Matthew, Mark, Luke & John. It’s clear Jesus wanted us to know about it. It is a pattern for effective ministry.

Joseph – Step Father to God

When people think of the parents of Jesus, the mind almost always jumps to Mary, Jesus’ mother. But have you considered Joseph? This man was the stepfather to God.

The New Covenant – Part 1

Many Christians are trying to relate to God on the basis on a covenant that no longer exists. No wonder they struggle in their Christian life.

Little Children, Young Men and Fathers

There are definite stages of growth in the Christian life. This article helps to identify them.

How Do “Grace” Leaders Motivate Their People

There is a big difference between motivation and manipulation. Which do you use to lead your people?

Sheikh Mansour is Not to Be Feared

The sheikh, a moderate Shia and Australia’s leading English-speaking Islamic cleric, has been pivotal in containing extremism in this country. He preaches love, tolerance and respect for different races and religions, and has worked for many years toward embedding Australian values into the new migrants who join his 1500-strong Australian congregation.

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