This Was So Devasting To Me. Hardest Battle Of 2021

Take Up the Stumbling Block Out of the Way of My People (Isaiah 57:14)

The false prophets have stolen the minds of the spiritual and they are locked in the prisons built of their own imaginations. When they see the truth and come away from the lies they will be free.

End Time Harvest and the Restoring of the Truth

Those who are ready know the lies that are holding them. The dark mountains of Jeremiah 13:16,17 explain that the robbers promote the stumbling block and the false gods are the walls of their imprisonment.

This Is the Astonishing Beginning of the Solution to the World’s Most Massively Serious Problems!

Well, how are you feeling as you face 2014? It is New Year’s Day and in Scotland that has been a very special day for a long time, and now it is being celebrated globally with expensive firework displays and parades and parties where there can be excess drinking and drug taking accompanied by immorality. But what of the future? What of 2014? That is where this piece started and it is only faith that there is an attempt to provide and offer an answer. A few years ago a respected voice in Scotland spoke of three options facing the United Kingdom. He spoke of a coming Dark Age, as was witnessed for a thousand years following the birth of Islam; a spiritual revival similar to that of the Reformation; or, the coming again of Jesus Christ.

The Spiritual of God Are Robbed and Spoiled and Trapped in Bars of Iron

This is the description of the Children of Israel, who are those of the Spirit. They have suffered unbelievable pain throughout the time called the Day of the Lord. A description of this is given in the book of Job and it reveals their rejection and their plight in the light of religious discrimination and deceit.

The Book of Abraham: Indefensible Mormon Fiction That Defies Reason

Joseph Smith was an extremely arrogant man young very much in love with himself, who was able to mesmerize people with his charismatic appeal and to convince them that he had the ability to do things that he really couldn’t do. In 1835, he succeeded in convincing his poor followers, in Kirkland, Ohio, that a traveling salesman had Egyptian papyrus scrolls for sale that were writings of the Patriarch Abraham dating to more than 2,000 years before the birth of Christ. What’s more, Smith persuaded these poor Mormons to spend $2,400 of their hard-earned money to buy the scrolls, claiming that he could translate them. Now this was more than a decade before the French philologist Jean-Francois Champollion introduced his deciphering of the Rosetta Stone, and the unlocking of the Egyptian language, to the United States. So Smith pretended to translate the papyri, and called his fictional product the Book of Abraham. Later the papyri were supposedly lost and destroyed, but in 1966 fragments of them, used by Smith in 1835, were found and translated in 1968 by world-renown Egyptologists, one of them being Dr. Klaus Baer. Guess what the “real” translation of the papyri revealed?

Believe In God More Than Yourself

Sometimes many of us can get caught up with the positions we have in our vocations, the level of our educational experiences and the gifts and abilities each of us has. Too many times there is no acknowledgement or appreciation of where we received such knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to succeed with the undertaking.

2 Things To Consider When Worship Leading With The Band

Worship transcend beyond lyrics, words, notes or chords it’s a meeting place for God and man, it’s a place of man encountering God’s love and goodness. Music is one vehicle that will help us connect and engage with God and in different churches and denominations there is a variety of genres of music in their worship.

Choosing Songs For A Worship Session or A Songlist

Most of the time when asked to lead worship a worship leader starts to think worship list. a worship list, setlist or song list what ever you call it at your local church has a bearing on the way a congregation moves and its key as worship leaders we consider these few things before we choose the song list.

Conflicts in Bible Testimonies Between the Old and New

The Spirit is making itself felt now as it pours out over its people to reclaim them. Those who are not of the children of Israel are the ones missing out and they will stick to the old teachings and myths they cherish.

Constantine the Great or Constantine the Evil?

Men of history who raid, plunder, murder, invade other countries, enslave the residents and then rule as kings are usually titled “Great”. Hitler would have been so labelled if he had won the Second World War and that explains the character of such people.

Conflicts Between the Old and New Testaments Means One of Them Is Wrong

The Spirit has led me to unearth the truth about the New Testament and it is a work of fiction based on the sun worshiping religion of Islam. It is part of a giant conspiracy to hide the truth and steal the treasure meant for the children of Israel at the end of the day.

Biblical Job Is Not a Man But a Metaphor

Misinterpretation of the Old Testament has allowed the false gods to thrive and stand tall while many prefer them to the Spirit. This is the time of judgment and those who are caught in the rubbish will be cast out.

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