Three Things to Help Overcome Your Depression

The Spirit of Offense

Many people live life in a state of perpetual offense. They are always angry and despite attempts by family and friends to help them discover happiness, they remain angry. This type of attitude can destroy a person’s life and negatively impact the lives of those around them.

The Power of Worshipping At His Feet

Worshipping At His Feet, Its Importance. A lot of scripture references in the bible speak about feet, especially during the ministry of Jesus a lot of people threw themselves at his feet and worshipped him. My question came around onto why did they focus at his feet or why did they have to throw themselves at his feet.

Seven Years Of Tribulation – My Commentary

In this article I’ll be talking about the seven years of tribulation prophesied by the Prophets Daniel, John The Revelator and others in the Bible. I’ll touch on the Antichrist regime, and what part it will play in end time prophecy. I will also talk about the signs to look for when determining the beginning and ending of the Tribulation. My article is intended to be informative and a well rounded read on this topic.

Beliefs of Christianity

Beliefs of Christianity are often diverse and many people have so many conceptions it’s hard to actually find out, what are the Major Beliefs of Christianity? Well my article tends to answer this very question. All churches in Christianity have a set number of beliefs they all agree on.

Dying to Be a Martyr?

The news is always reporting that terrorists are blowing up infidels. Do you sometimes feel that you will be safer if you convert to Islam? Or will you rather become a martyr, and die for your faith? I wake up this morning to pray, but find myself writing. And this could be my best article yet!

Muslims’ Pondering Over Social Media: Is Facebook Haram?

In today’s modern world, social media is very powerful and has an inspiring influence in the way we communicate and connect, and because it has impacted our society deeply, Muslims began to wonder about whether using some of its application like Facebook is haram (forbidden), mostly because the way our brothers and sisters commonly use it today. So, is Facebook haram?

What Is Intercessory Prayer?

Intercessory Prayer is not complicated. You don’t need special training. You don’t need special permission from your church.

We Have to Get Our Feet Wet

We often face challenges in life. Sometimes those challenges seem too much for us to overcome. But when we step out in faith, believing in the power of God to help us, God will do amazing things in our lives. We can learn to “get our feet wet” just like the priests of Israel did in Joshua 3.

I Believe In God, But Which One?

This article explains the reasons for the confusions regarding God. It gives the personal opinion of the author regarding the god he believes in and supports these opinions.

Fourth of July, a Time for Freedom

The armed forces from every branch stood in parade formation with their right hands to their heads in a salute to the Nations flag. The President and many government officials were present to show their respect during the Fourth of July celebration. Over two hundred years ago this flag was chosen to represent every America by our founding fathers.

Guilt – A Worthless Emotion

Guilt has no part in our flourishing lives. It can only hold us back. Best we deal with it – turning it over to God – allowing the grace of God to relieve us of it. Then we can love, freely and abundantly.

Biblical Amputations for Immodest Women Squeezing Testicles

If a Jewish man was involved in a fight and his wife rescued him by squeezing the testicles of his opponent her hand would have to be amputated. Jesus spoke of gouging out an eye if a man couldn’t keep his lustful eyes off women, but scholars believe this advice should be interpreted figuratively. On that basis the Hebrew law about the squeezing of testicles might also be interpreted figuratively.The article shows how a figurative interpretation of the hand amputation law could foreshadow the Christian churches losing their spiritual influence through the acceptance of evolution theory.

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