To look like the Acts Church we have to be like the Acts Church

Tending Our Inner Garden for Life

Fickle is this life, in that there are two directions we can head. We either go forwards in growth or we retreat and shrivel. Life is either hypertrophy or atrophy. We glorify God or we offend God. It is a very black and white life, though we often blend the two and all appears grey. But life is never really grey so far as time is concerned. If we accept that life is either forwards or backwards – and that we have much say over which way we will go – we can commit to the battle.

True Worship Is What Flows

True worship is what flows from your own spirit and soul as you stand before the Throne of God (see angels and elders and living creatures around the throne in the book of Rev). You must worship out of a supernatural place. If we aren’t able to go into the realm of the Spirit and offer worship that pours from our own hearts, then we haven’t experienced “worship in spirit and truth.”

A Vision For The Church

So far there are few churches in this country that are following a path that leads to transformational revival. That’s going to change, though, because as we move through the birthpangs of the Last Days, the Church of Jesus Christ will be the mightiest, most supernatural church the world has ever seen! But for now, many churches that appear to be the spiritually most happening places really are not.

Prayerful Paraphrase of Psalm 13

Psalm 13 is a succinct and very dear Lament Psalm of David. It speaks to us in our silence, when God appears distant. We hear the psalmist declare with intense honesty before God: his longsuffering pain and the enemy that consumes him. The psalmist fears most that they will not live through this torment (which we can liken to involve a mix of physical pain, mental disharmony, emotional distress, and dire spiritual unrest). But, typical with nearly all of the biblical laments of the Psalter, the psalmist has call to sing, eventually, having been saved (yet again) by the LORD’S steadfast love.

Jesus’ Sanctification

An explanation of sanctification in comparison to the Sermon on the Mount. Who is Jesus in relation to us? Who is He in relation to God?

How To Access God’s Grace

First of all we need to know that grace cannot be earned; it is a free gift to us from God so all of our righteous works that we consider righteous will never earn it. In fact, God said that our righteousness is as filthy rags so if our righteousness is as filthy rags then His grace cannot abound in it.

The Privilege and Responsibility of Voting

Voting is both a privilege and a responsibility. In those countries where it is permitted, it should be taken seriously.

Created In Man’s Image: God On The Brain

Reality isn’t all that complicated. It resides 100% within that brain-thingy of yours. The Big Question is, is that (your brain) the sum total of reality or are their other realities outside of your own that reside as both an outside reality and in other brain-thingies? And where does the reality of a god (or any supernatural deity) fit into that Big Mental Picture? Perhaps God was created in man’s image.

Bible Study on Revelation 12: The Final Conflict Between Dragon and the Woman

The end-time battle between the dragon and the woman in Revelation 12 is the outworking of a wider controversy between Christ and Satan. This controversy actually started in heaven when Satan decided to rebel against the divine government. Due to disobedience and insubordination, Satan was cast out along with his angels who sympathized with him in rebellion.

Countdown to the End of the World: Examining Jesus’ Prophetic Parable of Matthew 22

Jesus’ parable of the wedding feast in Matthew 22 is in fact a prophetic countdown of events from the time of Israel to the end of the world. Contrary to what evangelicals would have us believe, among the things that are predicted in that parable is the rejection of the Jews as a nation. As we examine the parable we will get a peek into the future and see how God’s eternal purpose will be accomplished despite the reluctance of those He once cherished as His peculiar treasure.

End-Time Prophecy Course: 10 Bible Principles to Consider Before You Choose a Prophecy Course

As you read this article, somebody is either doing a prophecy course or reading some prophecy book either online or off. Instruction regarding Bible prophecy is very crucial especially at this late stage of earth’s history. When a Bible instructor gives an exposition on the prophetic word, he is setting up expectations for the future.

The Wonder of Grace in Weakness

The Christian battle of self-sufficiency is common to every believer. When we subsist in our own strength we have no need of the strength of God that operates through our weakness. When we acknowledge our weakness we are empowered by the all-sufficient grace of God to get us through any and all circumstances.

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