TORTURED for Christ the movie – My Reaction (Warning Graphic)

The Great Neglect

You have heard of the ‘Great Depression’ in the US and the ‘Great Famine’ in Ireland, which were both times of great sorrow and grief, and in the case of the scourge of famine in Ireland, a time when very large numbers of people died of starvation and disease – a truly shameful and terrible time. But this article brings before you a rather different sort of ‘great’, but it is certainly one that has huge consequences. ‘The Great Neglect’ has to do with leaving on one side something that is so vital and precious, as if it was of no earthly use at all.

666 Controls Religion, Money And Commerce

Many know that money is the root of evil but they don’t understand why? The corruption it brings and the need for it has made the hoarding and worship of wealth a priority for those who know not the real God. So what am I talking about when one cannot even get food these days without money and everything we wear, the houses we live in, and the lifestyles we choose are all provided by our income and the ways of the world?

We Are Never Too Old to Bless Others – God Wants That From Us

Sometimes when we are getting on in years, we think we may not be useful to others. Our work career may have ended or will soon come to an end. Our family has grown and maybe even moved away. We may find ourselves in a position of having to rely on others more than we might want. With this may come thoughts that we can no longer be useful or be a blessing to others or even be able to bless others. But the Bible tells us otherwise. We are never too old to bless people in our circle of influence.

Touch Not My Anointed

Psalm 105:15, from which our title comes, has gotten a strange make-over by modern Christians. What do this verse and these words mean?

God Does Pay Bills

It sounds strange to think that the Spirit would help one to pay their bills but it has happened to me many times over. But there is a catch! One must be ‘in the spirit’ and away from all religious influence.

Do You Know Who You Are? Who Does The Bible Say You Are?

Many people, especially Christians sometimes don’t know who they really are or at least doubt that their identity is anything else but what other people have told them over the course of their lives. For believers, the Bible is very clear that we belong to God through Jesus Christ and that He has a lot to say about who we are in His eyes. When confused or anxious about your identity, you can go to His Word daily and find out who you really are.

Getting Life’s Priorities Straight – What’s Most Important to You?

In the busyness of our lives today, it is difficult to prioritize our time and commitments especially when it comes to family, friends and faith. For Christians, the priority is first to God, then His church, then spouse and children, then work and then friends.This may seem impossible or at least the wrong way around because the world says we should first provide, protect and perform for all those in our sphere of influence and those we love. Who’s right? What’s right? What are your priorities as a Christ follower?

Deadly Euphoria

Currently the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) conflicts have captured the attention of the world. Almost in every state or nation which has the Muslim population there exists the ISIS movement branch or at least a community of followers. The members of this group dare to go against their own countrymen just for the sake of their beliefs. They are really happy to die for what they are fighting for and they never regret or feel guilty for doing so. This is one type of deadly euphoria. How to avoid from being lured to such kind of movement is what I would like to convey in this article.

What About the “Opinions” of an Apostle?

Are Christians bound to everything an apostle says, just because he is an apostle? Did the apostles not record their opinions, too?

Unearthing Rabbi Saul – The Apostle Paul

It is delightful to learn that Saul’s conversion is a fact of Jewish history. The details of that story is so intriguing that that it provokes more questions beyond Saul, Paul and Jesus. One begins to wonder about the alleged supernatural intervention for which Jewish illumination will be great.

Ramadan the Holy Month in Islam

Ramadan the Holy Month – Regarded by the beloved Prophet Mohammad himself as being the month of his community, Ramadan is also widely known as the greatest piece of the crown jewel of the Islamic year. All over the world, Muslims do fasting and offer prayers. They also perform acts of kindness in reverence with the beloved Prophet.

Jesus and the Bible

The Bible without Jesus is not important. Jesus without the Bible is still important.

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