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Miracle Healing in Christianity


Miracle Healing in Christianity

There are vast numbers of baptized Christians who no longer practice the Christian faith. They do not see a connection to Christ or the church. Yet they have been exposed to enough Christianity to be immune to it. These individuals are much more difficult to reach than those who have never heard of Jesus. However, the Christian faith does have its share of enemies and critics.

For example, the elders in the church had a special right to anoint sick people with oil. This is the origin of the sacrament of anointing the sick. The Bible states that the faith-filled prayer of a priest can restore a sick person. This healing is often referred to as sozo, which means “bodily resurrection.”

In the New Testament, Jesus’ disciples were called apostles. These men were sent out to the world to preach the gospel. During this time, the disciples lived the teachings of Christ. As a result, the New Testament is rife with first-hand witness accounts of God’s work. Paul also wrote epistles that describe physical supernatural events.

In Christianity, the supernatural is central to the life of Christ. This phenomenon has been the source of much controversy over the centuries. Some churches try to deny or falsify it, while others chase after it.

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