Tribulation and the End Times with Dr. Michael Brown

How is Materialism Destroying Society?

When tough economic times hit, there is always the question as to whether greed is the cause of our economic problems. However, this isn’t necessarily the root of the problem. It is a bit more complex than that.

From Those Who Learned How (Not) To Evangelize The Hard Way!

The following are the testimonies of individuals who, because of their love for God and their staggering zeal, went out to spread the Gospel, but without preparation or correct training.

Making Evangelism Personal

What is personal evangelism? Every day you spend a portion of time talking to friends, family, people in your workplace, or neighbors. Each of these encounters is unique to you, making up part of a day in your life. When you take these encounters and turn conversation to things of God, with the intent of helping others come to know and understand Him, it then becomes personal evangelism.

Personal Evangelism

What do you think of when you hear the word “evangelism?” Do you think of evangelists who travel around the country, or other countries, holding meetings and seeing large numbers of people getting saved? Do you think of missionaries who give their lives to go to a foreign country and share Jesus with the lost?

The Benefits of Online Bible Study

A benefit of online Bible study is that, with all the ways to access the internet, people aren’t limited to having to be in a certain place. Study can be done at home, at work, while traveling, etc.

First and Greatest Commandment

What is God’s first and greatest commandment? He tells us it is to love the Lord with all our hearts, mind and soul, but how do we do it? Sitting is church saying “God I love you” is not what He is looking for. He very clearly tells us and it is not often spoken about in our churches, along with the consequences of not doing it.

Leading Worship When You Don’t “Feel Like It”

In an ideal world, sickness, unavoidable late nights, and difficult Sunday mornings would never happen. We don’t live in an ideal world. Like it or not, you will at some point find yourself in a position of having to lead worship when you are not in a worshipful mood. How do you handle those days?

Christianity Vs Quantum Physics

A lot of quantum physics evidence not to mention just reflecting back on the unfolding of ones life seems to say it is. So if it is true what does that mean for the future of Christianity? Are the two compatible? If you take Christianity at its most basic fundamental level then the answer has to be- No. No, they are not compatible.

Saint Michael the Archangel in the Gargano

The Shrine of Saint Michael the Archangel in the Gargano was the first monument of the Archangel’s that we ever visited. We pray that Michael and his Shrine touch you in the same way they have touched us, as we have been called back, again and again.

Buddhism Symbols

Buddhist Culture is known as one of the oldest cultures in the world. It’s more than twenty-five centuries old. The ideals and idea of Buddhists have guided innumerable people around the globe. Buddhism culture is principally related to the knowledge of “Siddhartha Gautama” popularly known as “Buddha.”

Mythological Significance of Navratra Celebrations

“Shardiya Navratra” (The nine nights of autumn) is significant for the worship of Maha Saraswati, Maha Lakshmi and Maha Kaali. The first three days are reserved for worship of Durga or Kaali. The next three days are the days of Maha Lakshmi and the last three days are the days for worshiping Maha Saraswati.

Religious Wandering Any Better

Christianity as a religious invokes different emotions in different people, which could be positive or negative. To some, they were born into it and any deviation amounts to parental disobedience. To yet some others, it is something to hold on to especially in times of distress, pain or sorrow. Biblical, it is something that gives hope or meaning to our very existence. According to the Longmans dictionary of contemporary English, Religious could be described as an awakened sense of a higher unseen, controlling power(s).

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