True vs Fake Love (Animated)

Misunderstanding, Humanity and Acceptance

It is truly humbling to be a human being. This is a problem. Pride is our vanity and we wear it with brash abandon. We think we know when we do not know, and we only learn the error of our ways when it’s too late. We are humble in retrospect. We learn humility from shame. We often learn the hard way. Simply put, misunderstandings are commonplace, personally and interpersonally.

The End of Suffering’s Impact

The end of suffering itself is relative. When we purge ourselves of the fear in our suffering, our suffering takes on a resplendent divine quality, and we begin to become less impacted by it. Suffering well is a capacity that the gospel makes as a specialty.

Living the Full Spirit-Filled Life

There is no neutral ground in the spiritual life. We either go forwards or backwards. We obey Jesus wholeheartedly or not at all.

Rare Care and Uncommon Respect

There are all sorts of ‘love’; some truer than others. For the case of simplicity in this article we contrast two forms of love: love of doctrine versus love of relationship, or love of the law versus love of grace. We can suspect where this argument is heading. Love is a very passionate thing. Our key test is, do we devote ourselves pridefully to fighting doctrinal arguments or do we devote ourselves to the rare care and uncommon respect of others? This is the true Jesus test.

Longing For Signs of Worship

We arrived early for worship Sunday morning. I opened my Bible to try to turn my thoughts upward, but was distracted by the conversation taking place ahead of me. It started with one person saying how she had been to a party which Steve Green attended, and then the others started talking about people they knew who have connections that get them into various places where they can meet famous Christian music artists. The conversation went on until the moment the worship team struck its first chord.

There Is a Coming Civil War in the Church? Part III

Much has been written on the subject of intimidation. Yet a vital area that has not been addressed to any great extent is, “what happens when those in leadership are under the spirit of intimidation?” This is a vital question that must be answered if the Church is ever to come out of the caves we are hiding in and walk as the anointed body of Christ.

6 Bible Verses About Money Every Christian Should Know

Ever wonder what the Bible says about money? Here are 6 verses every Christian should be familiar with.

The Blessing of ‘Gluttony’

In our modern-day Western culture, fat is typically viewed negatively. But did you know that God really does want all His kids fat and well-fed?

Sati and Widowhood in Hinduism

Hinduism is an ancient religion, rich in philosophy. However down the centuries certain nefarious practices crept into Hinduism that in a way debased the religion. One of these practices was sati where a widow is was burnt alive on the funeral pyre of her dead husband.

There Is a Coming Civil War in the Church – Part II

Some time ago I began to write on the “Coming Civil War in the Church”. Since that time I have been granted revelation concerning a number of the issues that will be the “catalyst” for this war. Like the War Between the States the number one issue will be “freedom from slavery.”

Revival of Heaven on Earth

When I read Isaiah 6:1-3, I have no trouble believing that the Lord is holy. What is a problem is that the angels declare the whole earth is full of His glory when the church is not even full of His glory. But now I understand that the angels live in His presence, and if you live in His presence, you will see His glory in everything.

See the Salvation!

God didn’t give us an imagination so we could picture other people in various degrees of undress, or for any other sinful purpose. He gave it to us so we could “see ourselves” in full possession of His promises and blessings.

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