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Charismatic Christianity


Charismatic Christianity

Christianity is a religion that emphasizes faith in God and in his Son Jesus Christ. The apostles were called to follow Christ and he appointed twelve apostles. These men were James son of Zebedee, John brother of James, and Boanerges. Other apostles included Andrew son of Philip and Thomas. Peter son of James was also called Simon the Canaanite. One of these apostles, Judas, betrayed Christ.

The charismatic third wave traces its origin to C. Peter Wagner and the Vineyard Movement. These two men developed charismatic ideas through controversial and popular Fuller’s School of Missions course. The charismatic movement brought the Christian subject into the mainstream and re-energized a militant stance against evil. In this model of charismatic Christianity, prayer is a central weapon of spiritual warfare and the heart of redemptive praxis.

Charismatics focus on evangelism, conversion, and perseverance of the saved, because they are aware that they are locked in an epic end-times war with the demonic forces. Moreover, Satan is real, and satanic powers hold the power of whole nations. They want to disrupt evangelization efforts of the world. But the charismatic Christians believe that their struggles with evil are not over, and that it will only intensify.

Jesus sent out twelve apostles. One of them was a man possessed by demons. His afflictions were so severe that he had to spend the night in a cave, surrounded by tombs. In that cave, he found a man living amongst the tombs. The man’s unclean spirit often led him to shackles and chains. He had cried out and cut himself with rocks.

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