Two Powerful Dreams From God. God Is Literally Showing Us What He Wants Us To Do

What’s Your Big Goal In Life?

Many people have a goal in life. Some set realistic goals, others dream about less unattainable ones! Often the approach centres on finding personal fulfilment and satisfaction. There are large cultural differences here, and many highly gifted people in some cultures have different expectations compared with our competitive Western, goal-oriented view of life. But what about a higher goal? What if we were made for the glory, or honour and praise of God? A goal large enough to challenge you to have done with lesser things!

Religious Doctrines Are Concoctions of Ignorant Minds

Religion and language are entwined in each other and the one cannot be thought mutually exclusive of the other. They occurred at the same time as philosophy needs a vehicle to pass from one mind to another. Sounds and signs comprise the mutual genesis for both.

Entering God’s Presence By Praise

Despite the awkwardness of feeling – sorrow, anxiousness, fatigue, etc – there is a way to be with God. It is by praise that we come into the LORD’S Presence. God deserves nothing short of awe-filled respect, and when we worship these ways, through praise, we draw never closer to the Presence of God, who helps.

He Who Was Faithful, Will Remain So

How beautiful it is to consider the faithfulness of God. We see it in others’ lives, as we see it in our own. The longer we travel the journey of life, and the more we trust in a simple obedience, the more the capacities of our trust grow, and peace becomes us. From there faith is easier, but our assurance is buoyed by a calm humility to keep things simple, not getting ahead of ourselves.

When Hollywood Stars Professed To Be Christians

The reported some Hollywood stars claiming to be Christians, mentioning Jesus name in their acts, and even claiming to speak in tongue and making noise about it. While I am not against anybody making this kind of claims, nor do I want to disprove them, I think we need to get something clear here. Everybody want to claim that they know God in one way or the other, but does God know them?

The Conspiracy to Change the Nature of God

Years of research and scrutiny of the founding fathers of the Roman Catholic Church uncovered the conspiracy referred to in the Old Testament (Ezekiel 22:25, 26). Without former knowledge it was the Spirit that uncovered the facts and took my observations into a new direction. With full memory of my reincarnation in focus something was shown up as being terribly wrong with religions that preach things like heaven and hell while maintaining  loyalty to prophets deemed to be the ‘sons of God’.

God Is Faithful!

God is faithful! That statement is like music to the ears.

The Seven Days of Bibical Prophecy

Biblical prophecy is supposed to enlighten us, not to drive us crazy with various conspiracy stories about today’s global society or predictions about the return of Christ Jesus. Many Christians are misled by so-called illuminated leaders that think they have to unmask the beast and that think they have to warn us about an impending global reign of unchristian terror.

Ignorance, Anger, Fear and the Grief They Cause

Ignorance, anger, and fear bring grief, not just to the ignorant, angry, and fearful, but to everyone who cares for them, also. Grief compounds grief and sorrow is known immeasurable, and there is nothing humanity can do about it. What God does not change, no human can change.

Free of Bond and Burden

Nothing helps us in this life more than purpose. With God, being wedded to him alone, we have the very fuel of solemn and good purpose. The more we keep our focus pure on the things of God, alone, the better the direction of our purpose, and the better the results we achieve for our purpose.

Jeremiah 1 – Commissioned for Calamity

Jeremiah experienced something we all experience when called by God to do divine work. Divine work is momentous and it makes every servant shrink for doubting – “am I good enough… will I fail… what if I fail God?”

Catholic Use of Icons and Statues

A brief theological explanation on the use of Sacred images and Statues by the Roman Catholic Church. Here it is explained through the Catechism of the Catholic Church and by Scriptures.

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