Lutheran Church Service – Sample Description

Lutheran church services are liturgical; following a set pattern for every service. Upon entering the sanctuary, an usher give the weekly bulletin. In this bulletin is an explanation of how each service will be conducted.

Knocking on Your Door – Accepting Religious Preaching

Okay ready everyone. We’re going to start today off with a question. If you’ve ever had a Jehovah Witness or Mormon knock on your door, raise your hand.

Ho Ekklesia is the Church of Christ – The Reflection of God’s Mercy on Earth Because of New Birth

The Church of Jesus Christ which is a translation from the Greek phrase Ho Ekklesia is a reflection of God’s mercy your on earth. Howbeit this reflection is only part or better yet imperfect because we have been born from and into corrupt flesh. God in his mercy unto believers has imparted the spiritual gift in to us the church by way of causing us to be born again.

What it Means to Go to Church

I recently started going to church again. I’ve never been very religious but I’ve done my fair share of exploring. I’ve been to a temple for a Bar Mitzvah mass, I attended a Masjid and celebrated Iftar with Muslim brothers, spoken regularly with Jehovah Witnesses at my door and attended a meeting held by the Mormons’ in my area. On top of that, I was baptized and confirmed a Catholic.

They Are All My Children!

The Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to visit thousands of churches through our Ministry, and this blessing is particularly special because of the diversity in the body of Christ. In fact the whole purpose of this exercise was precisely so that I could see the truth about salvation, a truth that was to me at the time unexpected and controversial, but which I got to adsorb and digest and then accept over many ours of prayer and meditation.

Presbyterian Worship Service – Order Revealed

If you are considering attending a Presbyterian church, you will probably wonder what to expect from the service. In some ways, the services will contain the same elements of any other church service, but there will be a few differences that have more to do with the order in which the service takes place.

Water World

Water is the source of life. The world is where we live. Air is what we breathe. Put all these together and you can make it through a day.

Jesus – Messiah Or Prophet?

In answering this question I will need to define the words, Messiah and Prophet. A Messiah is a person sent by God into the world to save people from evil, sin and death.

Ho Ekklesia – English Translation, The Church is the Glory of God on Earth

The new birth is one of the gifts of God given unto the church of Jesus Christ so that they mature and show forth his glory on the earth. This is one of the main points or reasons for this gift — he has bestowed glory upon us and so therefore we must recompense the same by showing this glory in our lives before the face of men.

The Presbyterian Community Has Been Around For Many Years

John Calvin, back in the 16th century, supported the Protestant Reformation movement (of the 1500’s) and agreed with Martin Luther’s teachings. Calvin also added some of his personal ideas particularly some new ways concerning God’s relationship with mankind. Calvin’s teachings became known as the ‘Reformed theology.’

Prison Fellowship of Barbados

When Thomas Watts got the inspiration to join together with Sister Watts, Sister Jasma Dottin, Sister Lara Bailey, Brother Mark A. Payne and Brother Telston Allen in 1997 to form an outreach group he had no idea where this ministry would take him. He felt the need to serve and assist people.

Dogs in Tibetan Buddhism and in Buddhist Monasteries

Among all the animals in the world, it is the faithful dog that evokes the most positive emotions in people. Being pack animals, dogs are known for their loyalty and allegiance to their masters. These animals can also prove to be faithful companions when times are tough.

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