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How to Deal With Difficult People – An Unsolved Mystery?

I think we’ve all encountered them at some point in our lives. Sometimes they are friends, sometimes they are acquaintances or co-workers, and sometimes they are family. I’m talking about Difficult People. What makes difficult people tick? Do they find it hard to get along with everyone…or just select individuals?

Journaling – A Way For God to Speak to You Each Day – Conversations With God

Did you know that God desires to speak to you each day if you would just take the time to get out a book, listen to Him and write down what He has to say to you? God is ever present and reigns in your heart and He lives in us, so close to us, so close to us so he can commune with us. In this short article I am going to give you an example of a conversation that I have with the Heavenly Father and His response to me. This is personal and yet I hope it can spark hope in you to do the same.

Experiencing a New Birth From Legalism and Religion Into Grace

If you were to tell me I was full of self condemnation, judging and legalism eight weeks ago in July 2010, I would have gotten angry at you if you persisted in trying to convince me that. But years of living with a pastor that preached grace, and a year of knowing her daughter who loved me with that grace and a few new teachers I have stumbled upon, I have experienced in the last eight weeks something like a New Birth.

Is Your Church Facing Financial Decisions?

Even in boom times making decisions that involve money can be challenge for church leaders. And when times are tough, and budget cuts seem inevitable, the decisions can be even more difficult.

A Leap of Faith – Why I Believe in the Baha’i Faith

A recounting of a journey from dreams and visions to religion. A brief history of what is perhaps the most personal matter of all, namely, what you believe in. This is an attempt to explain my personal journey along these lines.

What is a Moral Person? How God Views the Nations As Entities With Moral Standing and Responsibility

The State, considered in its corporate character, is A MORAL PERSON, with a moral standing and responsibility. It is not the creation of the so-called social compact or of the popular will, but a divine institution based on natural religion. It coheres by a moral and religious bond; and its rulers are the lieutenants of God.

Christian Principles – Five Steps to Discernment

Discernment is a critical component of a balanced Christian life. Christians can discern when and who to help. To grow in discernment, one must learn to follow gifted Christian leaders.

Ten Tips For Administrative Leadership at Church

1. Make sure you are reliable. If you say you will do something do it.

Life in Accordance With the Isa Upanisad

The Isa Upanisad is the fortieth chapter of the Vajasaneyi Samhita of the Shukla Yajurveda. In addition to a reading intended for cremation ceremonies, the Isa Upanisad contains many fundamental ideas of Hinduism very compactly presented. For this reason, an explication is desired.

Tortured Souls – Read This If You Don’t Want to End Up With a Tortured Soul

It doesn’t matter how many times you cry out to “make it stop” it just NEVER stops. I don’t care if you need just a drop of water to cool you off, no water will ever come. And then there are the beasts and the creatures that torment you while you’re there. Man, there is NO release EVER.

Is Anyone in Hell According to the Catholic Church?

The Catholic position on whether or not anyone is definitely in hell is very much a complex one, and a matter of some considerable debate, even among orthodox theologians. The answer is tricky. In principle, hell might be empty. However, given some of the statements of Jesus, it would seem to imply that there is likely someone there.

The Catholic Crucifix

The crucifix is an important part of the history of Catholic worship and spirituality. It serves the purpose of providing those viewing the crucifix with a visual remind of the suffering of Christ on the cross.

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