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Guilty Pleasures

Guilt. I try and run from it, but there’s no use. It finds me and reminds me of who I am and who I should strive to be. Or, it could be that I was born and raised Catholic. From the time I put on my polyester plaid uniform and matching vest, I felt it – that ping in my stomach and the weight of my conscious. In kindergarten, I felt guilty for wanting to play when it was time to pray. In elementary school, I felt guilty for arguing with my best friend and not forgiving her right away. From the moment I passed the religious statues at the entrance of the school, I felt it. It continued through high school. After a fun filled weekend of getting away with God knows what, I felt the guilt the moment I stepped into the church doors on Sunday morning. It worsened when I would walk past the Catholic statues outside the high school doors.

Who Was Mark? New Testament Gospel Author

The book of Mark in the New Testament is believed to be the earliest recorded gospel and some believe that it was written between 45 and 65A.D. These are only speculations and nobody really knows who Mark actually was.

Who Counted All of the People? – Miracles of Jesus

Have you ever stop to wonder who was the person responsible for counting all of the people that Jesus was feeding with a few loaves of bread and some fish? There is one story in the Bible, John 6:10 that states Jesus fed about 5000 people.

The Spiritual Truth

What is the truth? What is life all about, and why are we here? Who or what is God, and what is my true relationship with It? These are the questions that everyone has, and everyone is searching for these answers.

Ultimate Transformation of Sinners Through God’s Redeeming Love

God does everything with a purpose in mind. He has a reason for what He does. He is not a blind force that does things at random.

I Am Too Busy!

Regardless of a person’s religious preference, when I am too busy, sometimes I should recall that busy translates to Being Under Satan’s Yoke. I take time away from my spouse, family and friends. These people can actually help make life more enjoyable and easier for me.

Global Warming in Bible Prophecy

Does the Bible speak about global warming or client change? What about increased sun-spot activity? Should we put our faith in climate change scientists? Should we all join the fight to save the world?

Adam, Eve and God Were the Trinity

The Trinity theory of Christianity was constructed not based on Bible but on both ignorant of Bible and translation errors. The dust in the creationism is a symbolic element, the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate is also a symbolic element. Furthermore, Adam, Eve and even God are also symbolic elements. Symbolic elements means spiritual elements, and the spiritual elements are spirits, and the spirits are human mind.

No Stopping in Going Through (Part 1)

Whatever you go through in life, God is in the midst of it; He will never leave you nor forsake you. God may be invisible, but He is in touch. You may not be able to see Him, but He is in control of every situation. The answer to your problems is in God Himself. He is there by you, and upholding you with His righteous right hand.

No Stopping in Going Through – Part 2

You can see, from Hannah’s experience; the Lord hears when we cry out to Him for help. God was responsible for what happened in Hannah’s life and His timing is perfect. She lived up to her promise, bringing Samuel to the Temple and giving him to Eli, the priest.

Antichrist Signs to Prepare the World

The Antichrist signs are easy to recognize if you know what to look for. The majority of us have heard that the Bible says that a dictator as maniacal as Hitler will rise to rule the world in Earth’s last desperate hours. The Bible calls him the Antichrist or simply “The Beast.” The book of Revelation also tells us that the Beast will demand that every person in the world accept the “Mark of the Beast,” 666, in their forehead or in their right hand, and that those who refuse are to be executed. As clear as these signs are, by time you see them happening, it’s too late to do anything but flee for the hills.

Who Or What Are the Reptilians? – Part 1

The question of the age, some might say, and no wonder when it sounds so whacky and unbelievable, but then The Truth often is so we should never be surprised by the unusual, for our ways are not The Lord’s ways. As with many of my articles, be prepared to be challenged and get ready to shift that paradigm or is it shift that shape!!??

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