Ukrainian Pastor Reacts to the Crisis in Ukraine πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦

Cristian Or Muslim – Who Will Make Heaven? Neither If They Only Serve Themselves

This question has become imperative at this time because of the battles raging between both groups. The answer to it lies in having a proper understanding of why we are on earth; it lies in having the True knowledge of the God whom we serve and knowing His Will.

Fake Ministers and Miracles (5)

A lot of dirty things are going on in the name of church, prayer ministries, deliverance, etc. Like I had stated earlier, in another work, people go to the extent of burying objects, animals, human beings and other satanic rituals in some of the places we call church. We must start praying against these satanic incursions into the holy places.

Rome Sweet Home? (Part 2)

Scott Hahn was a brilliant man whose intellectual searching finally led him to Rome. I know the feeling. I went there myself for seven years. But after I left Rome, I wanted others to do the same.

Have Faith And Fail Not

Having indeed diversely tasted some moments of stiff oppositions, trials, afflictions, troubles, hindrances, difficulties, sicknesses, etc, the Lord, who made times and seasons for everything, has decided to take His children to the other side (next level – a place of victory). I one of my articles, I made clear the mind of the Almighty God as having declared us ‘wonders’ in our generation.

It Is Fun Spending God’s Money!

Faithfulness is doing what you are told to do with what has been entrusted to you. God will only release money to you based on what you did with what He already gave you. When you serve God with what He entrusted into your hand, it attracts more blessings from Him. In the issue of money, God blesses us the more when we are faithful in the unrighteous mammon. God gives us true riches when we are proved faithful with little. If we are faithful with the small amounts that we receive on daily bases to do the work of God with them, He will equally be faithful in releasing more to us.

Earth: God’s Unique Habitat for Humanity, Part 1

Astronomers and physicists are virtually unanimous that the universe had a beginning, just like the Bible states. There was a time that it had been settled science that the universe was eternal and infinite. But Einstein, Hubble, and a host of others not only postulated but empirically verified that the universe had actually exploded into existence, an event called the Big Bang. In addition, researchers realized that the cause of this event could not have been within the universe, but had to be beyond it, that is, a transcendent causal Agent.

Earth: God’s Unique Habitat for Humanity, Part 2

So perhaps you are not convinced the Earth is God’s unique habitat for humanity. Perhaps you believe that there could be hundreds or maybe even thousands of duplicates out there somewhere. Well, there are ways that we can test that hypothesis. For example, if there are no other stars like our Sun, then that would lend credence to the notion that there is no other stellar system like ours that contains a life-supporting planet. It so happens that astronomers proposed this very idea several decades ago, and some of them have devoted a significant portion of their careers investigating this question. What have they found?

Francis Schaeffer Versus Allan Bloom: A Clash of Titans

Francis Schaeffer, in his classic work How Should We Then Live, and Allan Bloom, in his classic The Closing of the American Mind, established themselves as two of the most seminal thinkers of the late Twentieth Century. Both of them saw the coming demise of western culture, but each viewed this demise through a different lens. Were these views mutually exclusive?

John Calvin Versus John Frame on Worship: Should Musical Instruments Be Used In Church Services?

I have long said: If someone tries to argue with you against the regulative principle of worship it is always a good idea to ask them what they are going to put in its place (making sure that they provide Scriptural proof for all those “liberties” and ceremonies which they conjure up out of their own brains). Also ask them: By what standard are you binding my conscience to your forms and ideas regarding worship? Where does God institute this? Or, are you just making this up yourself?

12th Century Fresco From Monastery Of Miriam In Gethsemane Courtyard Displayed In The Renewed Israel

An impressive 9m X 2.7m fresco discovered in excavations by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) in the Monastery of Miriam in the Gethsemane courtyard in Jerusalem was put on display for the first time when the renewed Israel Museum opened its doors to the public on July 26, 2010. During salvage excavations next to the Garden of Gethsemane in 1999, under the direction of IAA Jerusalem region archaeologist Jon Seligman, several buildings dating to the twelfth century that were part of the Abbey of St. Mary of the Valley of Jehoshaphat were uncovered, including this fresco of breathtaking beauty.

What The Lord Is Saying Today!

Fear is what keeps many people from sharing the Gospel with others. They fear being embarrassed or rejected. Others say they do not know how to witness. We must not memorize the entire Bible before we can share our faith with others. The best news to share is telling others the good things that God has done for you. This requires no expertise but springs out from the very heart of hearts.

Joy Is Why I Follow Jesus

There are lots of reasons why I follow Jesus and none of has to do with going to heaven or avoiding hell when I die. None of the reasons even requires that you call yourself a Christian or belong to any Christian Church. This article reflects the first of about half a dozen reasons for my faith and why I choose, on my life journey, to follow Jesus. It’s because there is joy in heaven. Please don’t get me wrong, but please keep reading!

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