Urgent Message From God For Kanye West

2 Ways of Biblical RESPONSE

We cannot control everything that occurs to us in life, but we can respond well. God is with us both in our intent not to sin, and in our intent to be forgiven for our sin. R.E.S.P.O.N.S.E., therefore, is about Resisting Every Sin Possible (and) Owning No Sin Eternally.

Out of the Bowels of Loneliness

The bowels of loneliness teach us about ourselves. In such a social dearth we find, ironically, God is ever proximal. And as we recover, our intimacy with God dissipates. God favours the lonely with his merciful Presence.

Lace, Ladies and the Lord

How Jesus can transform the life of a woman is a lot like the creation of a beautiful piece of lace. He can make her a beautiful work of art.

Tips for New Missionaries and Volunteers

So, you just made it to your new mission base. You have traveled across the world to an unfamiliar place. For the first few days (or sometimes mere minutes) exhaustion and excitement mask the waves of homesickness and loneliness that will soon sneak up on you.

Tips for Prospective Missionaries With Children

The opportunity to serve on a foreign mission field with your family along side is a dream of many a missionary. Giving your children the opportunity to experience life in another part of the world, and within another culture is certainly a formative and exciting experience for your children, but it also presents some difficulties, challenges and issues that you want to be aware of before you embark on your mission trip. Here are a few of the challenges that you may face: Β· Education.

Getting Ready to Leave on a Mission Trip

Preparing to leave for missionary service is very exciting. Depending on the nature of your mission you might have a lot of advice and input about how to prepare and what to bring, or you may have none.

Christianity And Free-Will

Is your will free – whatever we mean by that – or is “freedom” an illusion caused either by the complex chemistry of our genetics or our early upbringing, over which we had very little, if no control? A lot of sparks have flown in the debate over “free will” and its role in evangelism and conversion. Now, perhaps it’s time to offer an overview of the main issue.

God: The Intelligent Designer? Oops!

One alleged proof of an Almighty deity is that life, the Universe and everything (LUE) is apparently designed in an intelligent, not in a random way. Part of that life is of course human beings, like you. Are you intelligently designed? If you answer “Yes”, I’ll say “Bull”! Is the rest of LUE intelligently designed to optimise your love and respect of your alleged Almighty Creator? If you answer “Yes” yet again, I’ll say “Bull yet again”!

The 7 Churches of Revelation 2

John’s 7 epistles to the 7 churches in Asia Minor must be seen in connection with Paul’s letter to the Romans (chps. 9-11) and other predictions that foretell the end of christendom (as an earthly testimony; they will be transplanted to heaven at the Rapture) and the renewal of the Lord’s relations with His earthly people, the 2 and 10 tribes of Israel. “No prophecy is of its own interpretation,” Scripture says; i…

Religion, Politics and Presidential Election – 2012

Politics in America is mostly about money; this year’s Presidential Election promises to be more of the same. It takes money to get elected and the ‘religion’ of American Politics for a long time has been Capitalism. What is at stake, for the Democrats & Republicans, is control of the vast money making machine- the Federal Government.

6 Roadblocks The Small Town Pastor Faces

In a day when all eyes are focused on Urban America–the cities, the diverse cultures, the growing population–believe it or not, God is still moving in the country. In my personal study of church growth over the past 20 plus years, much of what I have learned has been from pastors, leaders and churches that are primarily in urban areas. Most church growth conferences and seminars tend to be geared more for the metropolitan church than for the church in the small town.

The Secret to LIFE

To live intentionally for eternity requires us to embrace self-accountability. When we welcome the truth, and prove obedient in quiet ways, heaven truly is in our heart.

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