US Soldier Cast Out A Demon While In Uniform

Authority of the Bible – Is the Bible Relevant in the Believer’s Life?

When talking with other Christians I have found that some do not realize the relevance of the Holy Bible in their lives. Many feel hopeless and confused.

Can I Grow to Do Better Personal Prophecy?

Scripture records Romans 12:6 (New King James Version) 6- Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, let us use them: if prophecy, let us prophesy in proportion to our faith; It is important for us to note that a person can only prophesy according to their personal faith. A person that has little faith for healing will have a hard time prophesying over a person who is sick so that they will be made well. A person who has little faith for personal miracles might find it hard to prophesy over…

The Four Styles of Personal Prophecy That I Do

There are many ways that a person can do personal prophecy. The Lord speaks in different ways and the people can learn different ways from the Holy Spirit.

Why Would God Choose Me to Do Personal Prophecy?

God likes to bless His people and one very good way is through personal prophecy. Every person should be able to do personal prophecy, very one who has the Holy Spirit that is.

What Can Cause a Wrong Personal Prophecy?

The art of doing personal prophecies is not free from error. From time to time part of a prophecy I do will be wrong. This article looks at the possible causes to this happening as I do personal prophecies.

If I Have the Gift of Prophecy, Am I a Prophet?

Many people live under the mistaken teaching or assumption that if they can do personal prophecy or corporate prophecy that they are called by God to be in the office of prophet. This is not so.

Is it Okay to Get a Personal Prophecy Wrong?

There are hosts of people out there in the Christian church that contend that a person that does personal prophecy is never allowed to get a prophecy wrong. This mistaken belief holds so many people back from beginning to operate in personal prophecy. This article will address this subject.

Getting the Gift of Prophecy So You Can Do Personal Prophecy

Many people think the ability to do personal prophecies for people is a kind of mystical gift only very spiritual people can have. In my experience close to 99% of the people I have prayed for have received the gifts used in prophecy. Maybe God wants you to do personal prophecy too.

What Does Today’s News Have to Do With the Last Days?

The Bible has told us what to look for specifically in the last days. Today prophecies about the last days are being fulfilled. Many of the news headlines of today tell us we are getting close to the rapture of Christians.

Structure of the Quran

The Quran is divided into Ayahs or signs, commonly translated as verses. An ayah may consist of a full sentence more than one sentence or part of a sentence.

Religion Issue – “Faith”

A Atheist professor tries to convince the class that God did not exist. The student prove that the professor is wrong.

Faith in the Mystery

Without mystery religion does not exist. We exercise our faith by accepting the mystery.

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