UTRGENT Last days message every CHRISTIAN should watch

Children’s Sermons – An Educational and Fun Adam & Eve Sunday School Lesson

How do you portray the Sunday school lesson of Adam and Eve and sin? Here, we provide you with a game, a children’s sermon, and a final way to wrap up this lesson.

About the Bible

The Bible is the Holy Book of the Christian religion. The first part of it, called the Old Testament, is the Jewish Holy Book, or Scriptures, that Jesus followed. The second part, called the New Testament, was written after Jesus had been recognized as the Christ, or the Savior.

The Wilderness Mentality Will Hurt Your Finances

The wilderness mentality must be removed and replaced with a prosperity mentality because financial prosperity begins in the soul. Number 14:1-4 and the entire congregation lifted up their voice and cried, and the people wept that night. And all the children of Israel murmured against Moses and the whole congregation under them, is it Gods wish for us to die in the land of Egypt or does God want us to die in this wilderness?

Prosperity Scriptures Will Increase Your Faith For Finances

Prosperity scriptures will increase your finances if you you learn how to use them which is described in this article. Anyone can use these scriptures to receive whatever they need.

Prayer of Faith Will Get What You Need From God

Getting what you need from God is not difficult if you just learn how to pray the prayer of faith. Read this article and in a matter of minutes you will understand what it takes to pray in faith and receive what you need from God every time that you pray.

Prosperity Gospel – Good News For People Who Need Financial Increase

Prosperity gospel will increase your finances if you will receive this good news. God never wants His people to be poor or sick and is always ready to make you prosperous and heal you.

Bible Prayer – Will Get Results Every Time

Read this and learn how to pray and get results every time. There is a right way to pray and God is just waiting to answer your prayers.

Bible Study Guide – Perk Up Your Class With This Bible Lesson

How do you make Bible lessons interesting? Throw in some exciting Sunday school ideas and get your kids ready to use their Bible study guide!

Encouraging Bible Verses

Today’s world is non-stop. Rush here, buy this, fix that. It is easy to get depressed when thinking of the long list of things we need to do for us and others! Take three minutes to relax and read encouraging Bible verses from your loving Father.

Christian Victory – Ten Things I Am in Christ

For years as a Christian I had no real appreciation of what all Christ had really accomplished through redemption. I just though my sins were forgiven. But that doesn’t even begin to explain what He as done for us. And this article is just a glimpse of all that He accomplished.

Buddhism and Network Marketing – An Introduction

I am writing this series of five articles while residing at the centre of Kagyu Buddhist activity at the Dharma Chakra Centre in Rumtek, Sikkim, India. What brings me here? A search for things you might not be particularly interested in (Qigong for instance). But what will fascinate you, as it did me, is the amazing similarity Buddhist philosophy has with network marketing principles and activities.

Praying According to God’s Will

Prayer is the response of the human spirit to the impression made by the Holy Spirit in our hearts. challenges can equally make an impression in our hearts and we will respond by praying as well. learn to pray aright by praying according to God’s will and so receive answers to your prayers always.

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