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Moses and His Miracles

Moses is an important biblical character of the Old Testament as he is God’s messenger and missionary to release the chosen people from the Egyptian oppression. The protagonist of the book of Exodus, he is the performer of several amazing miracles as he was invested with divine power. But are his deeds really miracles? This article will present them to you.

The Premises of the Exodus

The story of the Exodus represents one of the most dramatic and rich in meaning parts of the Bible as it narrates the enslavement and liberation of God’s people on the background of numerous miracles performed by God Himself and His chosen as well. This section also makes reference to the journey to the Promised Land and to a set of moral laws that has had a long-lasting effect upon modern society.

Did God Communicate Any of the Bible?

Let me begin by saying that God is never far from any communication that comes from a righteous heart and a desire to minister truth. However, truth is not an easy subject to learn much less teach…but there have been a few mentioned in the bible, that are messiahs or messengers of God. God needs these people and waits for those capable of speaking God’s truths to evolve.

Rosh Hashanah Cards – Sounding the Shofar

Ever wonder why Rosh Hashanah cards frequently depict a shofar? Discover the inner meaning of Rosh Hashanah and it’s intimate connection to the sounding of the shofar.

Storytelling For Effective Ministry Using Sand Art by Joe Castillo

Looking for a new method to minister to your congregation or attendees? One that has withstood the test of time? One word: Storytelling. Jesus used storytelling to communicate deep spiritual content in a user friendly manner.

The KJV Bible and the English Believers

For several centuries English believers made KJV Bible as the standard version of bible. But several new translations of Bible also published. True believers think there is a big difference between the Old KJV Bible and New King James Bible.

It’s All in How You Wake Up!

Did you know that you can tell what kind of day you are going to have by what you do in the first few moments of being awake? Some people don’t believe that, but it’s a proven fact. Sleep gives our brains the much needed opportunity to recalibrate, so that we can awaken with a new and fresh perspective in the morning.

God is LOVE – Part 1

Love is described as a strong liking or affection for someone or something. There are different kinds of love but the one I want to focus on is the God-kind of love. This is an unconditional love, called “AGAPE Love” and it is matchless. God loves you unconditionally and you do not have to do anything to earn this love. He is our Heavenly father and He first loved us from the creation of the earth.

Reboot Humanity

Paul wrote, “Then comes the end, when he delivers the kingdom to God the Father after destroying every rule and every authority and power” (1 Corinthians 15:24). However, God’s purpose is to remake humanity in the likeness of Jesus Christ (Romans 6:5) through regeneration (John 3:3), not to destroy it. While the Greek word translated “destroying”is not a wrong translation, it does not (and cannot) convey the whole of God’s intentions here.

Christendom’s Victory at the Bay of Lepanto, Begins the End of Islamic Terror in the 16th Century

The rise of Christendom from the time of Constantine through the middle ages was seemingly coming to an end at the hands of radical Islam. Practicing the religion of their founder, Mohamed, the Muslem’s of the 14th century were on a crusade to conquer the world with an increasingly unstoppable army for the glory of Allah.

Xmas (Christmas) – Roman in Origin, Brought Over From Paganism – It’s Not Scriptural to Celebrate

Christmas is coming! Quite so: but what is “Christmas?” Does not the very term itself denote it’s source – “Christ-mass.” Thus it is of Roman origin, brought over from paganism.

Why Are There Many Religions? Which One Is the True Religion?

As we know today people have their own opinions or beliefs. As the years are passing, people are making their own religions or sects, but the question is why do we have all these religions? Aren’t there just two ways, which are heaven and hell?

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