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Cool Islamic Clothing Styles For Muslim Women This Summer

It is important to keep the body as cool as possible during the summer months, which can be sometimes an “uphill task” for Muslim women that wear hijabs. The obvious tip is to suggest thinner and cooler fabrics in hotter weather – but it is also important to stick to absorbent materials as well.

True Worship

Anything is possible at the place of true worship. we have been made priests and kings unto our God…what do priests do? When your hands go up high in true worship…your desires come down to you as a blessing from God.

Saint Bonaventure Becomes Head of the Franciscans

That same year, 1257, when Bonaventure was barely 36 years old, one of the most serious and difficult challenges in his life would be given to him. He was chosen Minister General of the Franciscan Order. While this would seem to most to be a great honor, it was a job which no one would have been able to handle as well as St. Bonaventure. He was the right man for the job at a crucial time. But he suffered.

The Flock

What thoughts would drift through your mind if you saw a message, “When Jesus returns we’re getting the flock outta here!” spoken by sheep? Or would it be more than thoughts? Would there be a stirring of conflict in your spirit?

What About Dancing?

Oh no, he’s at it again. Pushing at the edges of Christian civilization, questioning our tried and true ways. Hold your fire. Let me speak first.

Finding the Divine Spark in Everyone

There has been a great emphasis in the Western Church on the depravity of man. However, there has been less emphasis on the inner light, divine spark, and image of God that rests on all mankind. There have been some groups that have really kept this idea alive.

The Birth of the Khalsa

The period of the 16th and 17th century was one of tremendous turmoil in India for the Hindus. There was all around persecution by the Moslem rulers who also levied the Jizya tax as well as razed temples to the ground. In such a scenario the need of the hour was to counter the Moslems acts of perfidy with force.

How to Organize a Christian Women’s Retreat

How to organize a Christian women’s retreat is a topic of interest for churches, women-groups, and faith based ministries. Church-hosted retreats for women are filled with fellowship and fun. The retreats can take on a number of different purposes, including showing appreciation for ladies who serve in the Church; revitalizing those who hold leadership positions; providing a time of prayer, reflection, and companionship for women within the Church; and much more.

Getting the History of Your Church

Perhaps you have just lately begun to go to church. In case you have, you will appreciate your newly found friends and area members, although, you may possibly feel incomplete.

Poverty – Poverty and Being Poor is Not From God

So many Christians live with poverty and insufficiency while at the same time desperately seeking a way out. Join us as we discover the true cause of poverty and find out how to escape its corrosive hold.

Who Really Was the Son of God?

Some people claim that Jesus did not come in the flesh, but the Bible makes it clear that he did. False teachers have spread many rumors about him. That is because they do not read the Bible or misunderstand it. No one else claims to be able to forgive sins and offer salvation. Jesus does. He created physical life, and provided spiritual life to believers.

Where Did All the Christians Go, Long Time Passing?

Christians, don’t quit! God is still on His throne and everything is alright in your Father’s house! The best days are always ahead for God’s people.

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