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Kingdom Leadership

Gaining influence with people is simple to some, difficult for others. Some just have a natural knack for winning people over and as a result gaining their trust. So in the church, how does this work?

Apostolic Networks

According to Barna Groups 2007 Church Technology report only 26% of churches are using social networking technology to connect the people in their churches. Fifteen years ago to have a conversation with a believer in Uganda, Africa would have been almost impossible. Now, I can become friends with him on Facebook and establish a friendship. The next move of God in the earth is to connect local churches to work together through networks.

Advice For Pastors

John Piper taking a leave of absence. Smart move. Upon hearing about things like this and other pastors who fall prey to burnout and over commitment, my heart goes out to the current condition of pastors.

2 Benefits That Can Be Found in a Christian Dream Interpretation

Many people would dismiss Christian Dream Interpretation as hocus pocus and though I would not dismiss it, it certainly was an eye opener when I first requested my first Christian Dream Interpretation. It caused me great joy and was very directional.

Christian Dream Interpretation – The Joy of Getting a Christian Dream Interpretation

Christian dream interpretation might not be everyone. Christian dream interpretation is a special gift that is given to a prophet and developed over time. I am fortunate that I know a few people that do free Christian dream interpretation and very happy to know a person that I can pay to do them to. So why am I joyful?

The Church As a Prophetic Community

Reform of the church’s structures and programs is far more than an issue of bringing the church back to its roots for the benefit of believers. It is far more than an issue of meetings and leadership style. It is about us regaining our credibility as a prophetic people; a people who live among, and weep and struggle with, and embrace the people crushed by the old order.

Children’s Liturgy – A Lesson to Enhance Your Sunday School Class

It’s important to include a lesson about acceptance and kindness in your children’s liturgy Sunday School curriculum. This Bible activity helps to reiterate this lesson.

The Local Church – Structure Or Function – Which Comes First?

Reflections on Ephesians 4:11-16 – In that passage we see a group of people, connected to each other like parts of a body, ministering to each other until they all reach maturity, doctrinal strength and unity. They are watched over and assisted by apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers.

The Regulative Principle of Worship (Part III) Reformation Worship & the Second Commandment

If all churches were today to affirm with us the Regulative Principle of Worship, there would still not be absolute uniformity of practice in worship by next Lord’s Day (there would no doubt be a much greater degree of uniformity in worship, but not necessarily perfect agreement). Why? Because the Regulative Principle of Worship establishes that Scripture alone can authorize what is acceptable worship, however, the faithful, painstaking work of biblical exegesis must tell us what the Scripture declares. And it is no doubt due to our own ignorance and sin that we might still disagree as to what the Scripture actually declares, though holding firmly to the Regulative Principle of Worship.

How to Prepare a Simple Sermon

I have listened to sermons that contain all of the above: I have also listened to sermon that misses one, which makes it boring and uninteresting. There are sermons that are meaningful, but uninteresting because of bad presentation. Some are like TV comedies, which contain jokes, polished words, but meaningless, for lack of credibility or unconnected to true to life.

The Church – Have We Lost Our Way?

In a Bible study meeting my wife and I had asked each person in turn what they would identify as the most fruitful time of spiritual growth in their lives. Where were they, what were they doing, who might have been involved?

How to Make Your Light Shine Before Men

Christians are lights, and as such; they are expected to shine for the world to see. They are to illuminate their environment, so that those who have not known God would see their illumination and seek to know their God (Matt.5:16).

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