Can Christians Believe in Evolution?

God created us according to his own image. Human evolution states that human are a result of the evolution of the ape species. which is contrary to the statement of the Bible in the book of Genesis.

The Law Of Attraction / Deliberate Creation

We all know and understand the laws of physics, such as the law of gravity. Similarly, metaphysical laws too govern the functioning of this universe- you just have to open your eyes to them. Many have now come to see and believe the karma principle at work in their lives.

Are We Living Near the End Of The World?

Many things are happening in the world today, and many people are wondering if the world is going to end soon. This article explores the question of whether we are living in the end times.

The Role Of The Holy Spirit In Worship

What is the role of the Holy Spirit when it comes to worshiping God. Questions have been asked and in the bible lays the answer which we are exploring in this article. the Spirit’s role in our worship to God. His place, role and influence

Diagnosing Connection Problems

Sometimes I have difficulty connecting to the internet. Network diagnostics can give some suggestions as to the problems. Christians can also have communication problems with God. The Holy Spirit can help us diagnose the reason why we are having difficulty.

Polytheism Confirmed – By The Bible!

For a large part of the civilized world, monotheism rules because the Bible says so. Fortunately there are still cultures around with more commonsense and polytheism still rules. I say “more sense” because far from refuting polytheism the Bible confirms it. It’s monotheism that’s a myth.

Coaching Your Way Through the Scriptures – Jacob’s Story

Getting into “being mode” is a lot easier when you know who you are. Jacob’s story in the Book of Genesis gives us a useful framework for turning inwards to answer three powerful questions about our own identity.

How The Bible Interprets Itself – How The Bible Was Written

Can we simply crack open the Bible and read the Word of God? The answer is no, there is only one way to rightly divide the Word and if it can be thought to be interpreted in more ways then one then it simply cannot be rightly divided. The Bible does not contradict it self even though you could run into these accusations, so one must study instead of simply read this magnificent book of truths.

Is Money the Answer to Our Prayers?

As I sit on the sofa in my living room, I find myself daydreaming about what I would do if I won the lottery. My home is beautiful and I thank God for its blessing everyday, but my humanness wants for an “easier” life. I think (and a lot of us do) that having a lot of money would make me happy.

Can a Christian Be Gay?

Homosexuality is a detestable act to God. The original purpose of God is for men and women to be together. God created Eve for Adam so that men and women will leave their parents and marry to be one with their spouse.

Can Christians Divorce?

Christians should not divorce unless your spouse has committed adultery against you. God created the man and woman to be together so they should not be separated.

How Can I Become a Christian?

To become a Christian, you must believe that God raised Jesus from the dead on the third day. Christians must live their lives for God and obey the commandments in the Bible.

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