War With the Other World – Principalities and Rulers

The Preaching of the True Faith Is the Only Sure and Infallible Note or Mark of the Christian Church

What is essential to its existence as a Church is something very different from what is essential to its perfection as a church…. This distinction is of considerable value, and not difficult, under the teaching of Scripture, to be applied. We read in Scripture that the Christian Church is, “the pillar and ground of the truth,” and that, “for this cause the Son of God himself came, that he might bear witness to the truth.” In other words, we learn that the very object for which the Church of Christ was established on the earth was to declare and uphold the truth.

A Personal Look at the Parable of the Wheat and Tares

For those of us who are not very much cereal, it is usually difficult to discern the wheat the wheat, tare, sorghum, millet and other grains. This is because the size, color and complexion might confuse you. The parable of the wheat and tare is aptly so named because it addresses the issue- only that it talks about the end of times and how it shall be differentiate the believers from non believers. Indulge with me.

Christmas – Every Day of the Year?

In our paper the Pocono Record, yesterday there was an article about the local Target Store getting ready for Christmas. There was a front page article and picture of a cute little girl, smiling in red dress, saying hello to Santa; yes, Santa was already in his Village and the Store Manager indicated they are already set-up for the holiday. It’s not even Halloween yet and our great economic christmas engine, in some places, is ready to go.

Put on Christ and His New Ways, the New Wineskin

This is one of the best parables (in my opinion) Jesus ever told. It is not so much about preference but looking at the message content, I am sure you will agree with me that it was indeed a powerful delivery. In summary, old things don’t mix; more like putting expensive wine in a throw away plastic cup!

Hinduism – A Way of Life

Hinduism is a way of Life It is the oldest religion and easily the most tolerant. The Hindu religion practices have been in vogue for ages.

Teach Us to Pray

The disciples of Jesus came to Him and made a proposition: they did not know how to pray! Wait a minute, a whole lot of grown ups could not close their eyes and as much as mumble some words In the name of a prayer? Well, if you ask me, they made a very important proposition; for we, too, could be assuming we know but actually pray the wrong way. Let us open our hearts and be ready to be taught how to pray by the greatest teacher of all the time.

Audio Bible – Changing Lifestyles

Audio bible has changed the lifestyle of the believers of the Christian religion. It is now possible to listen the holy words of bible anytime with audio bible.

Who Is the Greatest of Them All?

We all want to be great; well, not just great but be greater than everyone else. Nothing wrong with that, except that we miss the lesson from the greatest teacher. Who is the greatest among us all? The twelve disciples felt that each one of them was the greatest and today we shall see who is the greatest among us all in the kingdom of God.

Something to Think About From the Parable of the Good Samaritan

Okay, we all know the story but my intention of retelling it is to bring what we probably failed to decipher; the discerning truth about who, indeed is a Good Samaritan, nay a good neighbor. Come on, sail with me and you shall be blessed.

Happy Are the Peaceables

Jesus loved to use many stylistic devices in His preaching, as a way of leaving a special effect on his audience. I tend to think Jesus was a literature and linguistic expert par excellence. He was teaching beatitudes one day during the sermon on the mount when He proclaimed: “Happy are the peaceable for they shall be called sons of God.” I want us to understand why He emphasized on peace when he taught this beatitude.

The Greatest Love of All

This four letter word has been the single most important thing that was emphasized since biblical times. It is this love that forms the subject of our discussion. It is my sincere hope that it shall be revealed to us why love is the greatest commandment of all.

Some Personal Application From the Parable of the Mustard Seed

Just imagine this: a small seed that grows from beneath the surface of the earth to be the largest tree in the world. One cannot comprehend at the sheer size of some of the biggest trees we see around came from very tiny seeds. I wish to focus on the story of the mustard seed and why Jesus used it as an analogy to refer to our Father’s Kingdom.

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