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Bible Stories for Children – Living in Today’s World

Bible stories for children teach kids about the bible along with living in today’s world. Use the bible’s resources like these to help teach your children what they will need to grow strong in the Lord.

Who Is The Whore Of Whores Of Revelation 17?

Much has been speculated about who might be the whore of whores meant in Revelation 17. I do not believe that the Roman Catholic Church is Babylon, nor that this church will be around then. In this article we refer to various bible texts.

The Bible Has Delivering Power

The Bible has a more profound effect upon people than any other book in history. There are those who love the Sacred Scriptures and read it religiously, continually. They are devoted to it and stand on the principles therein, refusing to depart from the life-transforming truths revealed therein. Then again, many are offended in the Bible, because of various reasons, one of which is the fact that people do not want God to tell them how to live. How sad. The Creator of mankind, wants to show us how to be truly successful in life and we fight against him. There is no one who determines to live by wholesome and godly principles of the Bible who comes out the worst for it.

Emperor Constantine the Anti-Christ or Inventor of Jesus Christ?

The world has been under the influence of 666 for almost 2,000 years. It has cause wars, terrorism, and the global destruction that is now coming upon us. Before that happens the Spirit promised we would be told his identity and come to know the truth.

Scientific Proof of the Existence of God

Is it possible to prove or disprove the existence of God using scientific methods? How can the scientific method be applied to prove God’s existence? What is the litmus test of the existence of God? Why is everyone’s experience and perspective different if God is supposedly constant?

The Miraculous Story of an Evangelist

There are certain supernatural events which takes place on a regular basis which can’t be explained from the ordinary man’s point of view. When such things occur, they point to the direction of a Supreme power who could have made it possible. We Christians refer to such supernatural occurrence as miracles.

Benefits of Reading the Bible

The Bible is the most life-transforming book in history. No other book compares to it. It still outsells all other books after all these years. It is accurate in formation, powerful in delivery and truth, and incomparable in its ability to foretell future events. It can help anyone who listens to it’s wisdom. It outlives all of it’s critics. And the inspiration it provides is enough to make any man or woman a champion in life. All who dare to come against the Bible has been proven to be found wanting. Civilizations have been destroyed just like the Bible declared they would be. God’s Word remains.

Cross-Influence: The West and Islam

When different cultures interact, they influence one another in all sorts of ways. The ongoing contact between the Western liberal cultures and the Muslim cultures has done a lot to reduce the influence of Western feminism. Western men start asking such questions as, “Why do Muslim men, who are worse than us in every way that matters, have it better than we do?

What Is God’s Design?

It’s easy to read through the bible and discover that God designed us to worship Him; but how easy is it to discover how He wants us to worship Him? Too often we question our purpose in life because we don’t ask the right questions or consult the right source.

GOD Speaks: Humanity’s Call

Humanity’s Call on this life, is to get the whole place back to what it is meant to Be! Where children are not suffering. Where people are being fed, and where we are all taking care of each and every person here on Earth.

A Lesson From King Tut

King Tut had incredible riches. Some were buried with him, but he can no longer enjoy any of them.

Should Christians Keep The Old Covenant Commandments?

Well, should they? And what do The Holy Scriptures actually mean when they say that Born of God (Born Again) Christians should keep The Commandments? What does the word ‘keep’ really mean in this sense? Leaving us with the knock on question of how do we ‘keep’ The Commandments if we’re now living under Yashua Anointed’s Glorious Grace? Is The Law or are The Commandments still binding on those living under His Grace?

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