Five Reasons Why Biblical End-Times Are Impending: Watch, Pray and Withdraw Funds by May 3

Biblical signs point to impending crisis and destruction with judgment on America and the beginning of martial law. To watch, pray and withdraw funds may be protective.

“The Father Is in Me and I in the Father” – What Did Jesus Mean?

Jesus said, “the Father is in me, and I in the Father.” (John 10:38, WEB.) What did he mean by that? Does that mean that God and Jesus are one and the same?

The Bible, Our Foundation

These are critical days for Christians. We need to know who we are and what we believe. Why do you believe the Bible is the Word of God? Do you desire the “milk of the Word?”

Hearken Not to Your Prophets

God has chosen this time to reveal how the false gods are promoted by the so-called prophets elected by men to mislead and generate power. We are fast approaching the end of the day when it was promised that all things will be made known before that time and the mysteries of religion will be exposed.

The Light of the Spirit Shines When Those In The Know Speak Out

The Spirit of God is invisible but it can be felt, heard, tasted, and otherwise sensed when it shines as the light from within. It is the power religions must overcome to survive and they have conspired to hide it so that their regimental ways increases their own control and dictatorial ways.

To What Extent Are Humans in the Image of God?

The very first two humans were made in the image of God. But what does that really mean?

How God Communicates

God is not a man, but the Great Creative Spirit of the Universe. It communicates with us in many ways and it uses people to distribute its messages. Only those linked to the Spirit, however, will be able to perform the tasks it sets out.

If You’re a Son or Daughter of God, Can You Say About Yourself, “Like Father, Like Child”?

They say, “Like father, like son” or “like mother, like daughter.” If you are a child of God, can you say that about your relationship with your Heavenly Father? Do your spiritual qualities illustrate that you are your Father’s child?

Jihad – A Beautiful Word Misused

Advice, Advise… two homophones with two distinct meanings. The former is a noun while the latter is used as a verb. It is understandable to be confused between the usage of both these words since both these words sound alike with just one letter of the alphabet being changed in the words.

What Are the Hindrances to Prayers?

When you pray, do you feel that Yahweh God Almighty is ignoring your prayer? After all, prayer is communication with Yahweh; it is a two-way conversation. So when it seems as though your prayers are not being answered, there may be good reasons for it.

The Stuff of Thanks

Packing conquers up memories. Memories lead to thanksgiving for all God has done for me.

God Has the Best News for You!

Yahweh God has long ago appointed a specific time when He will restore Earth to a paradise, with no more air, land, or water pollution, and where evil and every kind of suffering will be destroyed, along with death, which will be our last enemy. This destruction of all that is undesirable will fulfill Yahweh’s initial purpose for all humankind–that purely loving, faithful, good-hearted people will fill His paradise on Earth to enjoy a tranquil life to time indefinite, happily ever after. Want to be part of the future paradise?

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